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As humans, writing blog posts and making them SEO friendly is a long process for us requiring countless efforts and brainstorming. What if an intelligent tool does that for us like magic? Even if it sounds unbelievable, is real and can help you in writing anything with 10 times greater efficiency. Let’s go through the review. is the most advanced writing assistant to date offering multiple options to help you with your writing. Whether you want to generate unlimited paragraphs or create a long blog in one go, is there to do all for you. is an Artificially Intelligent Tool that can create or recreate blogs including Search Engine Optimization within two clicks. While writing blogs, reports, essays, or long paragraphs it generates amazing vast topic ideas. Copywriting with is also done 10x faster than before.

So get ready to convert your thoughts into writing with the AI superpower – and get the lifetime deal on AppSumo!

Who are the tool’s users?

  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • SEO Experts
  • Outreach Experts & Guest Bloggers
  • Freelancers
  • Content Writers / Copywriters 
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • E-Commerce Owners
  • Online Business Owners, many more!

What are the benefits of having an AI Content Writer like

If you are involved in online business or online work then you know the importance of content. Content helps you to establish your business online in many ways. For this you have to create a lot of content daily, the amount of this content is quite a lot. So, you have to spend well on content writing. There is no substitute for unique and human writing content, but it takes a lot of time and money. So you can use an AI writing tool along with human writing content for many tasks that will reduce the time and cost.

  • Save time, save money
  • Copywriting
  • Content Writing
  • Rewriting
  • Writing blogs
  • Writing essays
  • Topic ideas
  • Writing reports
  • Summarizing blogs
  • Improving readability blogs

How does Work?

With AISEO you can generate blog posts, SEO content, and a lot more. You can also let the AI write for you or you can choose from the existing SERP results and paraphrase them. Here is how!

How to Generate a New Blog on

  1. On the dashboard click “Generate”, after logging in to your AISEO account.
  2. Click “Long-form assistant” next.
  3. Choose your option between “start from scratch” – if you do not have ideas previously or “Blog post workflow” – if you have ideas about your blog title, meta description, etc., already.
How to Generate a New Blog on
                                Fig. Generate a new blog on

For starting from scratch:

  • Enter a search query (think of users query).
  • Enter your location – it would search the query according to your location.
  • Select your preferred language.
  • Enter the title and click on “Create New SEO Document”.
  • After the long-form editor opens, write your blog with AI and explore the SERP results to add content to your blog.
  • Go to the SERP section and click “Extract SERP” to extract the Google SERP data and to make your blog SEO optimized.
  • “Refresh” and let the AI  to paraphrase your paragraphs from the SERP sections or copy the paragraph using “Copy”.
  • Click on the “Robot” button to let the robot write your blog based on the SERP article or click on the “Write with AI” to let AI write it for you.

For the Blog post workflow option:

  • Enter the meta description.
  • Provide relevant keywords.
  • Enter the title (optional). If you have no idea, go for title generation by clicking on “Generate Title”.
  • Click on “Use this” if you have provided your own title.
  • There you will see a lot of paragraph options generated for your blog’s introduction. If you do not like any, click on “Generate again”. Click “select” if you want to choose one.
  • Next, use the sidebar to navigate the tabs there and complete your blog.
  • To copy a paragraph, click on the copy symbol in the middle beside the heading.
  • To paraphrase your content, click to refresh.
  • Click on the robot symbol to generate uniqueness for your blog.
  • Click “Write with AI” if you want AI to generate paragraphs. Pricing 

The official pricing starts from $0 as a Starter Plan. From this you get – 

  • A 3-days free trial with 12000 AI words (120 credits).
  • Access to paraphrasing and readability improver and all tools including English generation.
  • 5 credits each day.’s second plan is named the Grow Plan which starts from $15 per month or $180 yearly! Here you get –

  • Paraphrasing up to 50K characters including all modes within a click.
  • Access to the Hemingway Readability improver, short-form copywriting templates, and unlimited custom templates.
  • Access to the blog post generator in 26 different languages.
  • 400 credits consisting of 50k AI words.
  • 30+ documents in SEO.

The best plan of is called the Scale Plan starting from $25 monthly or $300 yearly and that gives you unlimited – 

  • SEO documents, SERP analysis, blog posts generations, and optimizations.
  • Templates (copywriting and custom).
  • Paraphrasing up to 5ok characters including all modes within a click
  • AI readability improver with Hemmingway editor rules.
  • And unlimited everything in 26 different languages! 

Expensive right? No worries as AppSumo offers you a lifetime deal with the best plan ever! 

On AppSumo, get – the best AI assistant for content writing for only $49! 

What do you get from AppSumo Lifetime Deal? 

AppSumo provides you with the best plans and features of the tool along with the best deals. Check them out below! AppSumo Deals

    • One-time purchase with lifetime access to all plans.
    • Must recover the assigned code(s) within 60 days of purchase.
    • All upcoming updates for free.
    • A 60-days money-back guarantee does not matter for any reason. Plans and Features from AppSumo Lifetime Deal

  • AI with SERP results: gives you the best content possible to stand up on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  • SERPFacts: Easily create and custom design factual content.
  • Write with AI: Write 3000 characters context with a rewrite, expand, and creative word tunes.
  • Long-Form Assistant: Long-form assistant like Jarvis with best inline tools.
    • Write as many SEO blogs or documents as your credit supports (each SEO document and SERP extraction spends 20 credits).
  • Content Rewriter: rewrite up to 40000 characters consisting of 70-100% uniqueness with one click 
  • Improved readability: improve your content readability up to 3000 characters with Hemingway Editor Rules.
    • Paraphrasing in 26 different languages.
  • Templates: Copywriting templates for blogs, ads, brainstorming, and customization in 26 different languages. Also with unlimited custom templates. 
  • Stack 1 additional code to get 250 credits.
  • 250 credits generate 30000 words (1 credit 120 words)!
  • 2 codes = 500 credits + access to paraphrasing mode. 

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Advanced Features to get from AppSumo Deals

  • GPT-3 & SERP data: create SEO content using SERP data and GPT-3.
  • Paraphrase up to 50000 characters with 100% uniqueness within a click.
  • Improve readability to 50k characters based on hemming style.

New Features of

  • Keywords clustering.
  • In 24 more languages.
  • Copywriting templates for ads, product descriptions, and many more custom templates.

User’s Valuable Thoughts about

There have been more than 100 thoughts (100+ reviews and 50 questions) of users posted about on AppSumo. The reviews are very positive and the queries of people got fast useful replies as well. review review

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Wrap Up!

You have just found out about, an amazing AI assistant that can help you in creating blogs, writing documents with SEO optimized and 100% uniqueness within a click. AppSumo offers you this for only $49, as a lifetime deal. This is the best deal you can ever find for availing the tool with all of its unlimited features. So get it now and take your content or blogs to the extra miles of success!

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