Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals

50+ Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals in 2022: 15 Top Picks

Starting from the first day of January 2022, AppSumo has been offering thousands of amazing offers and lifetime deals. Till now, some have expired, some deals are ending soon, and more than hundreds are still going on for good. From there Sumo-Lings can save up to 98% on various marketing, accounting, web development, or SEO tools. If you are a Sumo-Ling then check out our next segment to find out what’s hot going on AppSumo this month. We have listed 50+ tools from different niches below!

If you are new to AppSumo and wondering what its lifetime deals are or how to get them, then the later part of this article is for you. You’ll find the most authentic information on everything you need to know about AppSumo Lifetime Deals there! 

Top 15 Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals for 2022

This segment compiles details about the top 15 trendy and best lifetime deals on AppSumo in 2022. So let’s start with what’s trending in the SEO & Content Marketing arena first!

1. Bramework ( SEO & Content Marketing)

Bramework is an AI-powered writing assistant that quickly writes SEO-friendly, engaging, and long-form content or blog posts. It is one of the leading software tools on AppSumo currently and is best for SEO & content marketing businesses. 

Why should you use Bramework?

Marketers, business owners, content creators, or freelancers who want to write high-quality and long-form content within a few seconds, can use Bramework for the following purposes:

  • Writing SEO friendly, engaging and long-form content or creating high quality blog posts within a fraction of seconds. 
  • Discovering common trends, phrases and queries to make easy keyword research.

Ratings: ? Gained by Bramework

Bramework gained more than 4.5 taco ratings out of 5 and 43 reviews on AppSumo so far.

Deal Pricing

Bramework on AppSumo lifetime deal costs only $79, however its original price is $1044. So that means you can avail this deal for up to 93% OFF including three different license tiers.

How to get the deal? 

Get Bramework (92% OFF) on AppSumo @ $79 only!

2. SuiteDash (Productivity, Client Management & CRM)

SuiteDash is an all-in-one software solution offering CRM access, client portal customization, project management, and more business essentials into a white-label (pre-integrated) ready platform. It is one of the top client management software platforms trending on AppSumo because of its 89% discounts for the lifetime deal.

Why should you use SuiteDash?

If you are a software-juggling business owner and you are tired of the hassle of collaborating with team and clients, you should meet SuiteDash. Its following outstanding services is everything you need to manage your CRM business at ease:

  • You can access your client portals, CRM, project management, file exchange and other separate business fields like invoicing from one SuiteDash platform.
  • Have a seamless experience on built-in data sharing and action automation with SuiteDash’s integrated tools (email marketing, booking and scheduling toolkit etc.,).

Ratings: ? Gained by SuiteDash

SuiteDash lifetime deal on AppSumo gained 216 user reviews with 4.4+ taco ? ratings.

Deal Pricing

SuitDash AppSumo’s lifetime deal is at $129 only now with 89% off compared to its original price of $1188. 

How to get the deal?

Get SuiteDash (89% OFF) on AppSumo on @ $129!

3. Instantly (Lead Generation, Marketing & Sales)

Instantly is an AI-powered campaign management platform for cold emails with smart sending features that boost email deliverability and response. The power of AI Instantly automates and scales B2B cold emails in order to increase and strategize B2B sales.

Why should you use Instantly?

Manually sending emails by formatting those manually is a hassling task and in terms of business purpose, it is not feasible at all. Therefore, you should use Instantly – the top campaign management platform for cold emails. Its smart email sending features can do the following things for your email marketing business:

  • Optimize and increase deliverability and responses for your B2B cold-email campaigns to unlimited recipient accounts.
  • Maximize email open and reply rates.with the dynamic personalization tags.
  • Run smart campaigns with scheduled send and follow-up features.

Ratings: ? Gained by Instantly

Instantly has got nearly 5/5 taco ? rating with 24 reviews for its lifetime deal on AppSumo.

Deal Pricing

The lifetime deal of Instantly costs only $59 on AppSumo whereas its original price is $444. Currently, an 86% discount is going on the lifetime deal. Grab it now!

How to get the deal?

Get  the AppSumo Instantly @ $59 only (86% OFF)!

4. SendFox (Lead Generation, Marketing & Sales)

SendFox is an email marketing tool designed for content creators to send composed and unlimited customized emails to their subscribers, followers or fans. Without any need for a big budget, content creators can start email marketing easily with the SendFox tool. They can create simple and effective emails by combining customization and automation features in very little time.

Why is it used?

When you create a blog, content, YouTube channel, or podcast you need a great media to reach out to potential traffic and SendFox does exactly that for you. It helps you create, schedule, and automate unlimited customized emails, then it sends these millions of emails to your subscribers, followers, or fans. It also drafts emails automatically with its integrated weekly smart campaigns and RSS content updates in order that your fans get your best posts or content directly in their inboxes. You can also use its advanced customizable fonts, colors, links, and formatting in your emails to make these look even more classy. And you get each and every feature of SendFox with this AppSumo lifetime deal.

Ratings: ? Gained by SendFox

With 156 user reviews, SendFox AppSumo lifetime deal has got more than 4+ ? ratings so far.

Deal Pricing

SendFox on AppSumo lifetime deal is now @ $49 only, with 79% discount compared to its original price which is $240!

How to get the deal?

Get the SendFox lifetime deal on AppSumo @ $49 only (79% OFF)!

5. (Marketing, SEO & Content) is a virtual content assistant that is AI-powered and used for efficient content generation within a few seconds. Its generated content brings success through search engines, ads, and social media, thus is one of the best dealing products on AppSumo for content marketers or agencies. Read below to know more about its amazing lifetime deal.

Why is it used?

Content creators, agencies, marketers, or whoever wants to rank their content on top of the SERPs with quality writing, and in a short time, is exactly the best fit for them. is an AI-powered virtual content assistant and it is best used for an engaging content generation along with checking plagiarism, content quality, relevancy, and grammar as well. With the help of this virtual assistant, anyone can easily choose his desired content type from 35+ different types and generate that in a few seconds by hitting the Create option. It’s that easy! Peppertype also creates ideas for your content from any niche you want. 

Ratings: ? Gained by is the most sold software gaining 5/5 ? rating with 900+ user reviews for its lifetime deal on AppSumo.

Lifetime Deal Price

Offering an 80% discount on AppSumo lifetime deal, Peppertype is available at only $59! Its original price is $300.

How to get the deal?

Get AppSumo lifetime deal only @$59 (80% OFF)!

6. WordHero – AI Content Writer (Productivity, Marketing & Content)

WordHero is an AI-based writing assistant that quickly writes quality content, blogs, review articles, social media captions, emails, and more while offering unlimited copy, templates, and 50+ writing tools within itself in 20+ languages. This AI writing tool is like a genie for startup owners, entrepreneurs, or marketers who understand how much time and hardship it costs to write a long-haul blog post! Thus WordHero is a must-have toolkit for them.

Why should you use WordHero?

If you feel quality writing takes a lot of effort and understand how time-consuming it is, WordHero: the AI-powered writing assistant, is made for you. Check out below to find out why you should use it right away!

  • With WordHero you can generate unlimited articles, contents, ads or even music lyrics.
  • Its easy to use UI helps you generate and edit contents or long-form blogs within a few minutes.
  • The WordHero lifetime deal gives you access to its every current and future writing tools and templates so that you have a great experience in discovering ideas to write engaging content every time you use WordHero.

Ratings: ? Gained by WordHero – AI Content Writer

WordHero is one of the most trending software tools on AppSumo achieving 4.8+ ? rating with 175 user reviews.

Deal Pricing

WordHero is now available for the best discount ever on AppSumo which is 96%! Its original price is $2088 but the lifetime deal costs only $89.

How to get the deal?

Get WordHero lifetime deal on AppSumo for only $89 (96% OFF)!

7. Ideta (Lead Generation, Client Management & Support)

Ideta is an AI-powered tool used for building dynamic call and chatbots without any prior knowledge in coding. It is one of the leading lead and customer management tools on AppSumo right now, offering an amazing lifetime deal with an 80% discount. Using Ideta, anybody, even non-techies, can build a smart chat or call bot for engaging leads and customers and reducing workload.

Why should you use Ideta?

When your business booms and you literally hassle to support your customers or clients, that is exactly the time for you to build a dynamic chatbot or a call bot in order to manage and support them 24/7. With the help of Ideta you can create and train smart bots with absolutely no prior knowledge of programming. You can also automate your business tasks and push data by integrating your bot with your webpage, slack, messenger, or WhatsApp. Drive your user experience to higher levels with customization of existing templates or creating new ones. Lastly, you can modify the chat or call bots according to your business or brands with this amazing tool.

Ratings: ? Gained by Ideta

Ideta is trending on AppSumo lifetime deal this week and gained 5 ? already.

Lifetime Deal Price

The lifetime deal price of Ideta is only $69 an 80% less than its original price of $348. Grab it now from AppSumo!

How to get the deal?

Get the lifetime deal of Ideta on AppSumo for only $69 (80% OFF)!

8. EmailWritr (Ecommerce, Sales, Content)

EmailWritr is a software made for email marketing that boosts sales, engagements, and open rates by automatically generating emails across different industries and niches. It creates quick and engaging emails for your business in just a few seconds by asking simple questions about your product and service. Therefore EmailWritr is one of the trending products on AppSumo lifetime deal for email marketing now. Watch the video below to know more about EmailWritr.

Why should you use EmailWritr?

If you want your email marketing business to grow and earn more engagements, open rates, and sales, you should definitely use EmailWritr for the following reasons:

  • Using EmailWritr, you can create unlimited single emails with follow-up sequences for any niche.
  • You can access more than 1300 email templates which you can customize according to your business and use in your campaigns. You can reuse them whenever you want.
  • EmailWritr also provides different emails to promote your or other’s, no matter what industry.

Ratings: ? Gained by EmailWritr 

EmailWritr AppSumo lifetime deal has gained 4.8+ ? ratings with 100 user reviews.

Lifetime Deal Price

AppSumo lifetime deal with EmailWritr offers three types of pricing plans starting from $59 for the Single code which is currently at 96% discount! Its original price for the Single code is $1559. Grab the deal NOW!

How to get the deal?

Get the EmailWritr lifetime deal on AppSumo for only $59 (96% OFF)!

9. Usetiful (Marketing, Support & Web Development)

Usetiful is a digital adoption platform that reduces user churn via no-code onboarding experiences and increases product value by easily creating product tours with a no-code visual editor. Do not bore your customers with a hands-on manual about the products anymore, use Usetiful to provide them with a smart onboarding experience instead. Check out the following video to know its basics! 

Why should you use Usetiful?

The main purpose of using a digital adoption platform is to provide an onboarding experience to your customers and Usetiful does exactly that more advanced. Using Usetiful, you can create fun product tours to make your customers understand your product in a flash. Usetiful provides you a no-code visual editor along with adding pictures, videos, balloons, pointers, modals, etc., to customize your product tour designs. In addition, Usetiful lets you break down a lengthy product tool into separate informative steps in order to simplify complex details. And then it allows your users to onboard at their own pace, save where they have left off, and start again from there. So using Usetiful you can make your customers feel like being home.

Ratings: ? Gained by Usetiful

Usetiful has got 5/5 tacos with 21 user reviews on AppSumo so far for its amazing lifetime deal of 83% off.

Lifetime Deal Price

The lifetime deal price of Usetiful starts from $59 for license tier 1 offering an 83% discount compared to its original price of $339. So grab it now on AppSumo.

How to get the deal?

Grab Usetiful AppSumo Lifetime Deal @ $59 only (83% OFF)!

10. Hexomatic (Productivity, Ecommerce, Data & Analytics)

Hexomatic is an extensive work automation platform for data extraction through readymade automation and scraping with no prior knowledge in coding. Its 40+ instant automation tools are able to turn any website’s data into a spreadsheet or JSON format and yes you do not need to code for anything on Hexomatic. Watch the video below to find out why!

Why is it used?

Anyone who wants to automate time-consuming tasks related to internet searches, Hexomatic can be the perfect tool for them. The main reason is, Hexomatic runs 24/7 which provides a hassle-free data search experience with standard data center IP rotation. Data extraction has been made the easiest with Hexomatic that needs no coding knowledge at all. By using its scraping builder, anyone can turn any data type into JSON or spreadsheet format. Besides this, scraping products, directories, prospects, and listing is also made easy with Hexomatic scraping recipe builder. One of the major uses of Hexomatic is its readymade automation which continuously searches for particular document types, extracts SEO metadata, detects technology stacks, and taps into Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds. So stop wasting time on manual tasks, just get Hexomatic and automate those now!

Ratings: ? Gained by Hexomatic

Hexomatic has gained 5/5 ? ratings with 46 reviews on AppSumo lifetime deal offering lifetime access to its three types of purchase plans.

Lifetime Deal Price

AppSumo lifetime deal of Hexomatic starts from only $98 for its single purchasing plan, offering an 80% off compared to its original price of $490!

How to get the deal?

Get Hexomatic AppSumo Lifetime Deal @ $98 only (80% OFF)!

11. Mobiroller (Productivity, Ecommerce & Content)

Mobiroller is a self-service mobile app builder that creates apps for eCommerce stores or beyond without prior programming experience. With Mobiroller anybody can create apps so easily find out in the video below! 

Why should you use Mobiroller?

If you’re looking for easy ways to create apps for your business but do not have knowledge in Java, Python, or any programming language at all, then Mobiroller is the best tool for you. It helps you create the app you want no matter what business. Without a single line of coding, you can start creating your app with its built-in drag and drop builder in a few minutes. Along with building the app, Mobiroller lets you publish it on Google Play, Apple App store, or even on Huawei App Gallery as well. In addition, Mobiroller gives you the opportunity to use its all 40+ advanced features along with its lifetime access on AppSumo Lifetime Deal for 89% OFF.

Ratings: ? Gained by Mobiroller

Mobiroller has already gained 5/5 ? rating with 21 user reviews and its lifetime deal is still going on AppSumo! Get the deal and create the app you always wanted.

Lifetime Deal Price

The deal price of Mobiroller starts from $79 for license tier 1 whereas its original price is $700. On AppSumo you get an 80% discount with lifetime access to Mobiroller.

How to get the deal?

Grab Mobiroller Lifetime Deal @ $79 only on AppSumo (89% OFF)!

12. Writecream (Lead Generation, Marketing, Sales)

WriteCream is an AI-based tool that generates cold emails and writes digital ads copy, social media posts, content, reviews, articles, and blogs to automate sales and marketing businesses. It provides 30+ tools to effectively support marketers for outreaching their cold email and marketing campaigns.

Why should you use WriteCream?

Tired of getting unnoticed by the audience when you send them emails about your business? Then you need WriteCream, the specialized tool for cold emails and marketing. If you use WriteCream you get the following benefits that can boost your sales:

  • WriteCream generates customized and personalized catchy emails that users find hard to ignore and it enhances your email marketing by increasing open, click and response rates.
  • Writing blog posts, landing page content, Facebook or Google ads, product or video descriptions and angle pitch emails is also possible with WriteCream using its 30+ integrated tools. This summarizes that you can get everything you need to accomplish success from your cold email outreach and marketing campaigns. 

Ratings: ? Gained by WriteCream

WriteCream on AppSumo has got 5 out of 5 ? ratings with more than 400 user reviews already.

Lifetime Deal Price

Compared to the original price which is $1440, you can now get the AppSumo WriteCream lifetime deal only at $59 (more than 95% OFF)!

How to get the deal?

Get AppSumo WriteCream Lifetime Deal @ $59 only (96% OFF)!

13. Robomotion RPA (Productivity, Lead Generation & HR)

Robomotion is a Robotic Process Automatic (RPA) tool – that is designed to be used for automated web and desktop applications which do not have an API with cross-platform robots. This tool basically automates repetitive and data-intensive manual tasks using RPA bots super quickly. Watch the video below to clearly understand what it does!

Why is it used?

Generally, most cloud automation tools work with web apps that have APIs, whereas Robomotion works with web and desktop applications which do not have an API. If you own a desktop, Mac, or Linux, Robomotion can access your custom web portal and navigate through the menus in order to export and process data and email a report. Robomotion lets you monitor the automation template so that you customize whatsoever you want to use it for, be it sending birthday wishes via Slack or scraping any info and compiling it on excel. Robomotion is your own personalized robot that runs multiple tasks within one automated project. So just schedule tasks with Robomotion and leave everything on it.

Ratings: ? Gained by Robomotion RPA

Along with 40 user reviews, Robomotion RPA on AppSumo Lifetime deal achieved 5 out of 5 ? ratings so far.

Lifetime Deal Price

Robomotion RPA is available only at $79 offering a 96% discount on lifetime access from AppSumo. Its original price is $1980.

How to get the deal?

Get AppSumo Robomotion RPA lifetime deal at $79 only (96% off)!

14. Closely (Lead Generation, Marketing, Sales)

Closely is a cloud-based lead engagement platform for LinkedIn that sends connection requests automatically and follows up customized messages. It also provides built-in templates, a smart inbox, and live chat support to the sales team in order to manage the whole sales funnels. With Closely, you can cut downtime by automating repeatable manual tasks.

Why is it used?

Closely is the best tool for the sales team of any business because it automates their manual tasks, manages everything about that, and lets them focus on the most important tasks related to the sale. It works as an assistant to the team that helps manage the whole sales funnel. Here are the major uses of Closely:

  • Closely is best used for automatically importing audiences from a CSV file, Sales Navigator, Linkedin, groups or posts.
  • Launching automated customized messages and follow-ups and for importing email contacts.
  • Growing your network and observing it via dashboard.

Ratings: ? Gained by Closely

Closely has already gained 4.8 out of 5 ratings with 60+ user reviews on AppSumo lifetime deal which is now 93% off!

Lifetime Deal Price

Closely offers a single license tier which costs only $89 with a 93% discount for its AppSumo Lifetime Deal, compared to its original price which is $1200.

How to get the deal?

Get Closely AppSumo Lifetime Deal @ $89 only (93% OFF)!

15. WPSmartPay (Ecommerce, Sales, WordPress)

WPSmartPay is a WordPress plugin that allows users to sell digital products, subscriptions and media files on their websites. It also lets users accept one-time, recurring and custom payments for services or donations from WordPress sites. With WPSmartPay, setting up a custom amount field is very easy and quick. Check out the following video to learn more about WPSmartPay.

Why is it used?

If you sell products or services on a one-time or recurring subscription basis, then meet WPSmartPay that is specifically designed for that task. WPSmartPay provides an in-site plugin that takes only a few seconds to install. So you can sell products, offer subscriptions and collect donations right away. It is integrated with an advanced payment gateway interface that provides a seamless experience to your customers. Using WPSmartPay, you can create any payment form using its ready-to-use Gutenberg-powered payment form builder. So get WPSmartPay lifetime deal on AppSumo and start selling smart.

Ratings: ? Gained by WPSmartPay

WPSmartPay has gained 4.8/5 ? rating and 35+ user reviews on AppSumo Lifetime Deal so far.

Lifetime Deal Price

The lifetime deal of WPSmartPay starts from $69 for license tier 1, its original cost is $490. That means you can avail this deal with 86% discount.

How to get the deal?

Get WPSmartPay Lifetime Deal @ $69 (86% OFF) on AppSumo!

50+ Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals for March 2022!

Name CategoryType of Tool || What is it used for?Price
IdetaLead Generation, Client Management. SupportIdeta is an AI-powered tool used for building dynamic call and chatbots without any knowledge in coding.$69
InstantlyLead Generation, Marketing, SalesInstantly is an AI-powered campaign management platform for cold images with smart sending features that boost email deliverability and response.$59
TeyutoMarketing, Video, ContentTeyuto is an online tool for creating video platforms and getting it delivered worldwide with its video uploading, organizing, distributing, and monetizing features.$79
peppertype.aiMarketing, SEO, is a virtual content assistant that writes efficient content with the help of AI in just a few seconds. Content generated by Peppertype brings success through search engines, ads, and social media for any content marketer from various niche.$59
Deep TalkProductivity, Support, Data & is used for transforming texts, chats, social posts, emails, or surveys to valuable datasets. $69
InfluencifyMarketing, Ecommerce, SalesInfluencify is an ecommerce platform for influencers that identifies influencers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube in order to create campaigns and invite them to become brand ambassadors.$59
PerkZillaLead Generation, Marketing, Social MediaPerkZilla combined with advanced automated tools and targeted campaigns is a powerful marketing tool that is best used for growing and sustaining the business without expensive advertising campaigns.$59
BrameworkMarketing, SEO, ContentBramework is an AI-powered writing assistant that quickly writes SEO-friendly, engaging, and long-form content.$79
PlerdyMarketing, SEO, Data & AnalyticsPlerdy is a multifunctional marketing tool that analyzes user behavior in order to improve website’s design using hitmaps and UX/SEO (for website optimization). $59
GravitecMarketing, Sales, WordPressGravitec is a web push service tool – used for boosting website’s traffic from one-time visitors to permanent subscribers. $49
SuiteDashProductivity, Client Management, CRMSuiteDash is an all-in-one software solution offering CRM access, client portal, project management, and more business essentials into a white-label (pre-integrated) ready platform.$129
CoinstatsProductivity, Accounting, Data & AnalyticsCoinstats syncs, tracks and manages different crypto exchanges, wallets, and platforms all in one place.$95.99
EmailWritrEcommerce, Sales, ContentEmailWritr is used for email marketing by automatically generating emails across different industries and niches in order to boost sales, engagements, and open rates.$59
WordHeroProductivity, Marketing, ContentWordHero is an AI-based writing tool that writes quality content, blogs, review articles, social media captions, emails, and more in a very short time. It offers unlimited copy, templates, and 50+ writing tools within itself in 20+ languages.$89
Robomotion RPAProductivity, Lead Generation, HRRobomotion is a Robotic Process Automatic (RPA) tool – used for automated web and desktop applications that do not have an API with cross-platform robots.$79 – Plus ExclusiveMarketing, Social Media, is an AI-powered post generator that needs a single instruction to write creative posts, captions, or hashtags.$55
MobirollerProductivity, Ecommerce, ContentMobiroller is a self-service mobile app builder that creates apps for eCommerce stores or beyond without needing prior programming experience.$79
LabrikaLead Generation. Marketing, SEOLabrika is an AI-powered all-in-one SEO tool that provides the best content recommendations by comparing competitor’s websites using complex algorithms, keywords density, snippets, page structures, and other SEO criteria.$69
Writecream Lead Generation, Marketing, SalesWritecream is an AI-based tool that generates cold emails and writes digital ads copy, social media posts, content, reviews, articles, and blogs to automate sales and marketing businesses.$59
ScrepySEO, Web Development, Data & AnalyticsScrepy is AI-based web analytics and SEO tool providing a single dashboard that helps to monitor and analyze website performance metrics from one place.  $49
Screpy – Plus Exclusive  SEO, Web Development, Data & AnalyticsIt is the exclusive version of Screpy, for AppSumo Plus Members only and it has all the exclusive features adding up to 5 teams, 15 team members, and 7K analysis credits. Used for better and exclusive website analysis.$55
VidTagsSales, SEO, VideoVidTags is a video hosting and marketing platform that enhances more views, more watch time, sales, and better engagement of videos using advanced AI techs.$89
Branded Link ShortenerLead Generation, Sales, SEOBranded Link Shortener is a link empowerment tool that does banding, tracking, and sharing short links for increasing more user engagements, brand recognition, and more click-through rate.$14
FlowyTeam Productivity, CRM, HRFlowyTeam is a team management and customer relation management tool that provides task and project management features along with advanced performance reports, KPIs, timelog, attendance, and activities all that are needed to outperform a peer.  $59
UsetifulMarketing, Support, Web DevelopmentUsetiful is a digital adoption platform that reduces user churn via no-code onboarding experiences and increases product value by easily creating product tours with no-code visual editor.$59
HexomaticProductivity, Ecommerce, Data & AnalyticsHexomatic is an extensive work automation platform for data extraction from the web through readymade automation and scraping with no prior knowledge in coding.$98
FlexClipMarketing, VideoFlexClip is a wholesome web tool for creating dynamic videos, movies or slideshows. Using the combination of text and voice recordings or powerful editing tools, FlexClip makes a video more dynamic.$49
TYKRCourse, Accounting, Data & AnalyticsTYKR is a stock investment course platform that effectively teaches how to reduce the investment risks and when to buy or sell stocks by finding trending investments quickly. It is best for beginners who want to invest in stocks, save time and reduce risks.$119
Cheat Layer – Plus ExclusiveProductivity, Marketing, Data & AnalyticsCheat Layer is a business tasks automation tool. It automates everything in the browser using javascripts and turns any website to an API. It also generates scripts using AI with natural language.$99
ZakekeEcommers, SalesZekeke is a cloud based, cross-platform visual ecommerce tool that customizes brands and retailers offers by adding or changing texts, shapes, fonts, orientations, dimensions, images, etc. Its 3D and AR product visualization feature lets customers view the real size of the product.$59
SendFoxLead Generation, Marketing, SalesSendFox is an email marketing tool designed for content creators to send composed and unlimited customized emails to their subscribers, followers or fans.$49
AgiledProductivity, CRM, HRAgiled is an all-in-one white-label ready business management platform that manages clients, leads, finance, contracts, proposals, contacts, projects, tasks, employees, and more under one roof. It is best for tool-overloaded businesses.$69
My AliceCRM, Ecommerce, SupportMyAlice is a multi-channel AI customer service automation platform, best for ecommerce and retail websites that want to centralize Customer Experience (CX) and turn website or page visitors into real and repeat customers.$69
Closely Lead Generation, Marketing, SalesClosely is a cloud-based lead engagement platform for LinkedIn that sends connection requests automatically and follows up customized messages. It also provides built-in templates, smart inbox, and live chat support to the sales team for managing the whole sales funnels.$89 is a remote access tool for connecting to another desktop. It supports web access with a common URL by downloading an agent to run it on another desktop within a click. It is best for system administrators, support admins or specialists and whoever works with remote access.$99
PLRLIMEDesign, Marketing, ContentPLRLIME is a digital or online catalog that has a huge collection of products with private label and resell rights, allowing other businesses to use and resell its products and PLR contents. $39
EWWW Image OptimizerProductivity, Web Development, WordPressEWWW is an image optimizer that improves SEO ranking, site speed, bounce rate of contents by automating its image compression and conversion for any device or browser. WordPress website owners or developers are best benefited by this tool.$99
WP Reset Team PlanProductivity, Web Development, WordPressWP Reset is a WordPress plugin that instantly installs themes and plugins, resets defaults, takes snapshots, or deletes sections of websites for WP developers, agencies, webmasters, or whoever builds and rehashes websites continuously.$49
Hey Oliver Lead Generation, Marketing, Data & AnalyticsHey Oliver is a marketing automation tool that builds customized campaigns, tracks visitors, builds customer relationships, and offers first-class customer services using live chat and support widgets features. It boosts sales for marketers or agencies and increases their business engagements.$49
KillerPlayerMarketing, Video, Content KillerPlayer is a custom YouTube Video Player that removes YouTube logos, titles, ads, and recommended videos. It is highly customizable and mobile-friendly. KillerPlayer helps video marketers stand out from the crowd with its 5 beautiful video player themes with unlimited color options to embed YouTube videos.$99
The Link Chest by SEO BuddyProductivity, Marketing, SEOThe Link Chest provides a whole bunch of backlinks which are easy to win. It is the best place for SEO marketers to kick start their SEO mission and improve in the SERPs of Google.$89
DeskCove Employee Time TrackerProductivity, HR, Data & AnalyticsDeskCove is an employee monitoring and time tracking tool that tracks employee’s working time on every single task or project along with taking screenshots, measuring activities, tracking URLs, or even apps they use. DeskCove provides full transparent features and power to the team owners.$59
SamdockClient Management, CRM, SalesSamdock is a simple CRM management tool with straightforward features that manage customers and sales significantly well at the same time. $79
WPSmartPayEcommerce, Sales, WordPressWPSmartPay is a WordPress plugin that allows users to sell digital products, subscriptions, and media files on their websites. It also lets users accept one-time, recurring, and custom payments for services or donations from WordPress sites.$69
Mobile Shop App (Android + iOS)Design, Ecommerce, SalesMobile Shop is an app generator that helps iOS or Android users create completely customizable apps for their dedicated app stores with no prior knowledge in coding. They can launch apps, build their brand, increase engagements and sales with Mobile Shop App (Android + iOS) tool. $99
AISEO.aiProductivity, SEO, is an AI-powered writing assistant that writes blog posts, content, or reviews that are completely SEO optimized. Using tool users can easily create, optimize, rewrite or improve their content all in one place.$49
Vidtoon 2Marketing, Sales, VideoVidtoon 2 is best for animated video creators who are looking for more traffic engagements to their sites. Vidtoon 2 offers 200 royalty free music tracks, 40 characters, and 50 cartoon HD backgrounds along with unlimited GIFS, icons, stock images which efficiently attracts viewers attention,$49
HypermediaLABMarketing, Video, ContentHypermediaLAB is a cloud-based video platform that helps to create powerful videos which are mobile-ready, interactive, and optimized to gain user attention, increase traffic, and more revenue. $59
Easy VideomakingCourse, Video, ContentEasy Videomaking is a learning platform that provides users with all-important lessons about making competitive videos in just a few hours to create interactive videos right away. $29
Tuberank JeetMarketing, SEO, VideoTuberank Jeet is a standard SEO optimizing tool for YouTube videos. It creates best-fitted titles, hashtags, descriptions of videos in order to rank those higher on YouTube pages, no matter under what niche. This tool is for Desktop (Windows) only.$59
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All that is to Know About AppSumo LifeTime Deals

New on AppSumo? No worries! In this segment, you can easily find and understand everything you need to know about the AppSumo Marketplace. So let’s start with the lifetime deals first!

What is a Lifetime Deal?

A lifetime deal refers to a very unique and lunatic type of deal where dealers or product owners offer their products for kinky lowest prices and short periods of time or deadlines with all the features included, while sometimes it can also be with different and multiple price tires. 

The goal for the product owners is to make a lot of revenue in a short time and gain potential users or customers out of a lifetime deal. It can be said that from a lifetime deal, both owners and users are benefited. However, if the product is state-of-the-art and user-friendly, then a lifetime deal is the best thing a user can avail saving a huge percentage of money!

The interesting fact of a lifetime deal is, once you have purchased a lifetime deal, as long as the product is available, the deal continues till the product’s availability and service time.

What is a Lifetime Deal on AppSumo?

AppSumo is a daily and lifetime deal website, more like a marketplace for online software services or tools. It is a third-party reseller marketplace where product owners or partners sell their products offering a deal with amazing price reduction and including unlimited features. Product partners set when the deal is ending, how much the product costs, and how long they will be providing the service for a particular deal. If it is a lifetime deal and a user has redeemed that, generally it lasts until the product is available.

Being a third-party reselling marketplace AppSumo releases about 3 deals or more each week, providing product use cases, deal terms, review videos, and customer queries and reviews about the products. It helps new customers to be crystal clear about a product before they spend any money to purchase the deal and after purchasing, most buyers seem satisfied with AppSumo’s lifetime deals.

What is AppSumo used for?

Most basically, AppSumo is used for selling online services or digital products like software or tools to buyers of unlimited niches. However, there are two ways of using AppSumo as a business. First, the most common one is selling digital products or services in a partnership with AppSumo, offering amazing discounts and lifetime deals. And the other one belongs to entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses by buying amazing business products or services from AppSumo at an amazingly reduced price (even a 90%+ less price or free). It just takes them to browse AppSumo and stay updated on what’s going hot there!

How long do deals stay on AppSumo?

Lifetime deals on AppSumo generally stay up to two weeks from the day the deal was announced for a particular product unless all the codes are sold out.  

How do I get listed on AppSumo?

If you own a software product or service worth an outcome, you are welcome to sell it on the AppSumo marketplace. In order to sell your product on AppSumo, you first have to go through a self-submission process where you need to submit all the essential details about your business and the product you want to sell. After you make a submission, the AppSumo review team will review your submitted details and decide whether your product or tool is approved. If yes, then within a week your product listing will be live. 

How does the AppSumo Marketplace Work?

The AppSumo marketplace works in two different ways for product sellers and buyers. Check below to find out what benefits they get from AppSumo! 

Benefits Sellers get from selling products on AppSumo! 

When a buyer buys a product, the seller gets 70% of that sale. Moreover, a new seller gets 90% of his sales for the first 90 days on AppSumo. But the seller has to wait for 60 days or more to gain his payouts as AppSumo offers its Sumo-Lings a 60-day refund window, in case the product they have bought turns problematic or useless to them. 

Moreover, a seller gets benefited by achieving taco ratings and reviews as well. If he gains a 4+ taco rating and at least 10 reviews, he gets a shoutout from the AppSumos’ official Facebook group. Which puts his product listing in front of 200K potential go-getters. Whereas, after 25 reviews with 4+ ratings, his product listing shows onto AppSumps’ email footer. 

Benefits Buyers get from buying products on AppSumo!

A buyer has to subscribe to AppSumo in order to avail amazing deals and buy tools they need to grow their businesses. AppSumo sells thousands of essential products to improve sales, traffic, and customer engagements for different types of businesses. Offering lifetime deals while making customer reviews and specialist’s product reviews clear on the product pages, AppSumo lets entrepreneurs purchase what they need without a hassle. They can buy costly and efficient business tools for the amazing lowest price and with unlimited features on AppSumo. So AppSumo marketplace is a great dealing place for the buyers as well.

Does AppSumo offer a Money Back Guarantee? 

Yes, you get a 60 days money-back guarantee offer after you make any purchase from AppSumo. During this period, you can try out the product, and if you do not feel the product is good enough for you or you do not want to use it anymore or does not matter for what reason, you can get your money returned to you. So there is nothing to worry about for an ApSumo buyer.

How to find the Upcoming AppSumo Lifetime Deals?

Browse AppSumo trending products, or enter its filter categories and find the latest lifetime deals on AppSumo within every one week or two. If you feel it is a hassle then save this page or bookmark it to stay updated on the new surprises AppSumo brings each week! 

Final Words for AppSumo Lifetime Deals of 2022 

Well, that’s it for now! That was a wholesome article providing all the information a buyer or business owner needs to know about the best AppSumo Lifetime Deals. Isn’t it? We are also aware that lifetime deals on AppSumo keep changing each week so stay updated on our page. We will keep upgrading the best offers AppSumo provides to its Sumo-Lings. 

In addition, we would suggest you get the deal immediately if you feel the product is right for you. As AppSumo provides a 60-day money-back guarantee, you do not have to worry about the product or payment at all. Just grab the deal, try out the entire product and grow smart!