Basically, the technology of live chat started its journey in the 1970’s but until the late 1990’s the use of live chat was not that much famous around the world. After 1990’s people started to use this software for their business.

Day by day the popularity of live chat is increasing. Many people made many studies regarding the reasons why its popularity is increasing at such a rapid speed. A study showed, around 53% of customers prefer chat rather than a phone call. So, here comes the need of Live Chat Software.

  • But there are plenty of reasons behind this.
  • While having the chat they can be a multi-tasker and they don’t need to stop any of their work for doing that chat and the issue is solved so fast.
  • Even in another study, where there was a comparison among the live chat, mail & social media to communicate with the business agent, half of the people gave their vote to live chat.

Keep up to date

The more time we are passing with the new invention of technologies, new live chat software is getting discovered. So, it is not easy to get rid of this live chat because of its helpful features. The number of users of live chat has increased almost 400% between the time period 2015 to 2018. It’s huge right? It indicates that people are getting comfortable with it and according to their demand, every company should bring this to their company without making delay for a single minute.

Customer support

Furthermore, for the sake of your own clarification, you need to know that customer support is not only the field of live chat. To achieve more customer’s trust, you need to have a live chat option for your company which will help you to boost up your sales. According to a study, 41% of customers put their trust over a brand that has a live chat option. Not only that, nearly 51% of customers like to purchase their product from the company which has a live chat option for their customers.

Bring good revenue

If you want to know more about the importance of having a live chat option for your company, the most important study result is waiting for you. According to another study, it is found that, around 77% don’t want to make their purchase from a company which doesn’t have a live chat option on its website. So, if you still don’t have the live chat option, it is high time to add to your website. 

In our society, the young generation is the pillar of success and growth of positive change. Institutions play a vital role to make them an ideal. The school is responsible for student’s growth.

School management system helps them to develop various skills with knowledge and nurturing self-confidence. To monitor them fruitfully need an automated process that is the school management software. Which makes it essential to have the best school management tools as part of the institution.

Easy and Smooth Communication

Communication is the key for building a healthy connection.

Students need a good communication environment alongside study. So, you need to organize parents-teacher meetings, while they are quite subjective rather than being objective to the results. Parents need to know their students status. If they do not have acknowledged their child’s performance. School management system helps bridging the communication gap amongst the students, parents, and the teachers via instant notification, resulting in remarkable student progress.

Improve Teacher’s Productivity

It reduces the side-tasks which are handled by teachers. This system helps teachers to focus on their core work. As a result it will increase the teacher’s productivity and build a healthy relation between students.

Data security and Transparency

All systems need to secure important data. The data is confidential so needs to be handled very carefully. School management system also provides everyday curriculum’s. If any student is absent on a particular day, he/she can see it. Parents can observe their child report card directly on the portal if they are busy visiting school.

A recruitment Management System is an automated process. It can manage an organization’s recruiting and staffing operations. The core functions of a job portal script are the applicant tracking system which provides a central repository for candidate data, and the customer relationship management (CRM) software, which helps to organize and manage interactions with candidates and clients.

Though the Recruitment Management System is a critical system to handle. It can provide many effective tools. The job portal script is needed to win new business, increase client retention, and provide better customer service to existing clients.

Choosing the right Recruitment Management System for your staffing firm is a critically important decision, but it can also be an overwhelming one. 

  • Reduce routine tasks such as scheduling interviews.
  • For having a 360-degree view of the recruitment cycle through the Recruitment Management System. 
  • For having Enhanced recruiting processes.
  • It saves time.
  • Through a recruitment management system or job portal script, you can streamline the screening and interview process.
  • Improvised decisions can be taken.
  • For having better ROI (Return on Investment).

With the help of an applicant tracking system (ATS) and candidate relationship management (CRM) software, a recruiter can increase his or her client database and provide an overall better candidate experience.

Integration of different tools

Companies customize recruitment processes to access multiple databases and also do collaborative recruitment and social media integration through Recruitment Management Software. 


The entire recruitment process becomes transparent because of using recruitment software.

Better Control

Job Portal Script provides better control over the whole recruitment process.

Cryptocurrency Trading software can develop a platform for investors. And also the crypto traders who look to employ the most advanced trading tools and technology. 

We face many obstacles to invest in our digital assets. And the progress may be delayed by Cryptocurrency Trading software which gets conducted on numerous exchanges. 

Those exchanges have distinct rules and regulations that encourage them to fulfill the verification process frequently.

  • Differentiate from the competition.
  • Improve user experience.
  • Improve on-boarding.
  • Strengthen the valuation of your company.
  • Rearrange market data provisions.

Integrated Referral Program

To improve the amount of the users in your white label cryptocurrency exchange platform, we have integrated a Referral Program in it.

Effectual Admin Panel

We develop dynamic and secure Admin Dashboard for you to manage your cryptocurrency trading platform with high-end technology frameworks.

High TPS (Transactions Per Second)

A reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform should have high TPS for better trading experience. Keeping this in mind, we develop our white label exchange software platform with a high TPS, which can process upto 8000 transactions per seconds.

DDoS mitigation

You can secure the exchange platform with our cryptocurrency exchange script beside a big volume of traffic from several sources.

Two-factor Authentication(2FA)

We provide 2FA to build your Bitcoin trading code in PHP extra secure & protected by eliminating third-party.

It is software that accurately tracks and controls everything. With the help of the Inventory Management system, you’ll come to know if your business is overstocked.

Inventory system allows you to know the number of ingredients you need to create or gather your final product. This is important information to know because without this information you can end up with extra stock, consuming your bottom line or with less stock to meet customers’ demand.

If you want to buy an inventory management system, which one you’ll buy completely depends on your needs. There are various types of features in this software that you can modify and change on your basis.

Greater cost saving

You can be benefited from further cost savings by using this software. As it allows you to reduce extra stock it can also reduce your loss. It improves your chances of reducing your supplier lead time. It also gives you a chance to reduce excessive stock.

Avoidance of Stocks-out and excess stock 

Maintaining the right balance is challenging. Whether having access stock incurs an unnecessary charge, too little stock can also lead to stock out. This software can track low stock levels as long as high stock levels too.

Demand Forecasting 

By using this feature you can draw on past data to know future demand. It is not offered by all platforms so if forecasting is important to you make sure to ask the vendors on your shortlist about this ability. 

Before using an inventory management system we need to consider the following things-

  • Number of users
  • Integrations 
  • Physical Devices 
  • Customer and Supplier Data
  • Sales and Catalogues 
  • Create, Edit and Manage Order 
  • Offline Access
  • Complexity now and in future 

Warehouse Management 

It is useful if you need to improve your warehouse stock and maintain an exact log of every product’s location. It will help you to know a single view of where all your products are loaded.


Having a good shipping quality is necessary to fulfill all the customers’ satisfaction. This software system automates your process so that human errors are reduced.

Purchase Order Record 

It creates a single view of order records. So you can easily recognize which products are highly demanded, both perpetually and seasonally, and fulfill your customers’ needs. 

The Pharmacy Management System Software has many purposes such as the safe and helpful distribution of the pharmaceutical drug. This system reminds the pharmacist to ensure the right medicines they have filled for the right patient.

  • It contains the right amount data information and security to store it effectively.
  • Offers clinical choice support which can be structured to make pharmacists conscious to act on clinical mediation including the opportunity to offer counsel if the patient needs more knowledge in the pharmacy.

Clinical Integration 

It is surprising that a pharmacy software is combined with a huge number of clinical tools that pharmacy staff use every day. Combined MTM services are available in this service.

Data Security

In your pharmacy, you need to deal with loads of data so you should put them in software so that the data can be maintained.

  • If you enter the data properly there is no guarantee that the data is right where it is important to put error-free data.
  • So you can load a whole data from an Excel/CSV file to reduce your startup scuffle.

Drug File Updates

All the updates including new drugs are launched in the market, and other drugs that are related to the information can be found in the software.

Auto Dr. Fax 

It gives your doctor an opportunity to call or fax the patient’s refill to the pharmacist.

Business Enterprise Resource Planning Software is a single software of this entire process. ERP is a useful tool for businesses that are used to manage information. Every business faces a common challenge whether it is a small business or large, they need to store and use important information effectively. Enterprise Resource Planning software is combined with all features of a company in one complete information system software. By using the ERP software system, businessmen can smoothly handle office tasks, help their employees to work better so that they can be successful in their role. 

Tracking and Visibility 

ERP software enables you to give complete visibility. Many ERP software includes the technology to track products that are finished. They can also track raw materials. This is possible only for high integration in ERP software. This visibility enables users to know and to predict issues like delays and stock.

  • ERP enables users to track information which includes sales, production, staff productivity, and so on. It provides different tools that can track a lot of information.
  • ERP systems also enable users to organize alerts for different events and keep them up to date.  

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management(CRM) is essential for many reasons. CRM can be greatly helpful for those companies whose customer base has become too huge for spreadsheets. If you use spreadsheets more to update it rather than to look for any information, it won’t give you the best service.

  • CRMs that are centralized with ERP, can allow you to quickly acquire customer’s information while you are working with other parts of the software.
  • CRMs can also help you to design and execute complete customer care solutions. Thus ERPs CRMs help you to improve your relationship with customers.


The ERP system is capable of automating monotonous works like order entry, payroll, accounting, invoicing, reporting, and so on. Automation can reduce valuable hours of your staff by doing this process and allows them to concentrate on their important work. So you can ensure a productive day.

  • Automating your process can reduce human error too.
  • If you let your employees repeat the same work and the same process, they will lose their concentration and can make 1/2 mistakes.
  • The automation procedure also allows you to send data from one place to another without even making any errors. Because a small error can lead you to a big business loss. 


While many software increases their ability to integrate with other systems, ERP ensures a huge number of capability systems to work together peacefully. ERP software gives a fully integrated, built-in platform by which you can analyze and monitor your tasks. ERP is capable of collecting, storing, and utilizing data from its database. With integrated CRM(customer relationship management). Users can have order and customer information in the system. Thus the workflow of the organization increases, and smooth service is provided. 

To start a startup in global business needs an automated Human Resource Management System Software for a better outcome. So, first, you need to draft your requirements clearly, list the features you’re looking for, then try to match these with the functionality available in a prospective HRMS Software.

Routine of HR tasks

HR handles and deals with many paperwork and routine administrative tasks like – processing employee information and answering questions. Let’s look at how an HRMS actually improves productivity.

• Reduces paperwork by applying the automation processes that are related to employee information (employment history, licenses, certifications, education, skills, performance, and compensation information, etc.), hiring, changing salaries, and more.

• Speeds up the creation of documents in one place and creates based on this information.

• Saves time and secures all administrative tasks.

Maintain Securities

Automating HR tasks is helpful to reduce the likelihood of typical mistakes – like double entries and gives employees the ability to double-check their work for any possible typos.

Employees Information

It included many terminals like – recording, maintaining, and retrieving employee-related information. The most important part of the Human resource management system is to record – application forms, employment history, working hours, earnings, employee absence and presents, employee turnover, and other data related to employees.

Database Management

It is the core function of the HR management solution. And it is helpful in planning, hiring, managing, and analyzing human resources that span across multiple departments and locations within a global workforce.

If you’ve ever worked in an office, run a company, or owning your own business, you’re most likely familiar with human resources. Whether referring to the term or a department, at its core, human resources are about people. But have you ever thought about the actual system in place to help ensure a company’s people perform at their full potential? The Human Resource Management Software or HR software is designed to solve these problems with the best output.

Firstly you need to understand what kind of learning management system can help you to achieve your goal. There are many ways that an LMS can help to grow your business.

  • Many companies use an LMS to support their new worker. It helps the newcomer to learn more about the business, to understand the standard business policy.
  •  LMS can increase employee improvement.
  • It supports your training and helps you to achieve your goal. You can ensure your employees’ development by designing courses on your own.
  • This gives them a chance to get informed about new products’ features which simply helps them to keep up to date with the new trend.
  • An LMS provides training to your customer. It gives you an opportunity to focus on your employees’ training and to boost your sales by which you can get more income.

HMS’s main target is to follow standard operating procedures and there are no chances of errors in hospital management system software.

  • With the implementation of HMS in labs or hospitals, doctors can treat patients’ a better way. As a result, they experience their real-time reports and past clinical data which is helpful for better results.
  • However,  this system makes employees work more accessible and improve the speed of the complete processes for better results.

Totally Error Free   

It needs minimum human intervention to perform the process. For this reason, the whole process is completely error-free. For example: when a patient is billing for the drugs using his token or ID number, the bill can hardly go wrong. Not only that there is also a record about stock or change in drug order after the indent has been sent. 

Security of Database

 The automation process has to face two mandatory challenges:

  • To keep data safe with an only authorized person who has access to it and another is to retrieve it in the minimum possible time.
  • And to perform these tasks fruitfully need to avoid space shortage, strong protection from pest damage.