Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Scripts

13 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Scripts for 2024

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system which is a medium of managing seamless treading of digital or virtual currencies. Without having any server or central authority to maintain all cash-related issues, cryptocurrency trading software consists of each and every peer in a network to record the complete history of transactions. And while balancing every account as well.

The best part of the Cryptocurrency trading software is, it is decentralized. It provides highly secured anonymity and privacy to its users. However, some powerful Cryptocurrency exchange software script is able to build both centralized and decentralized exchanges for you with ensuring your transaction accountability and transparency. The centralized or decentralized exchanges mainly differ based on how the currencies are managed and traded (for the beginners the suggested trading is a centralized one).

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Then you’re at the right place. Therefore, in this article, you will get to know about the 13 best Cryptocurrency Exchange Scripts in 2024. So let’s begin from choosing the convenient one for you to get started with your Cryptocurrency trading.

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Table of Contents

13 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Scripts for 2024

We have gathered all that you need to know about PHP Scripts for the best Cryptocurrency Exchange Software in 2024. So that you get the best idea of the best platform for your Crypto exchanges. Note that the listing is done based on the quality features, pricing, security, and expertise.

1. Pexeer

Pexeer - Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Pexeer is a peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform that supports almost every Cryptocurrency wallet including services like coin payment, deposits, withdrawal and referral systems in multiple languages. You can get fully secured dynamic support and free iTech support for 6 months from Pexeer. Pexeer is also available for your mobile devices.

Best Features of Pexeer

  • Fully Responsive and Dynamic – secured dynamic iTech support free for 6 months.
  • Informative Admin Dashboard – designed to provide you with a quick dashboard overview as an admin.
  • Easy Authentication – easy starting with smooth sign up and logins.
  • Peer-to-peer Buy Sell – buy and sell crypto coins of your choice through coin payment on Pexeer.
  • Trading based on Location – trade Cryptocurrencies based on your locality.
  • Secured Escrow System – safely trade on Pexeer with its escrow protection and convert your digital coins to cash easily with 300+ payment methods.
  • Multi Coin System – Pexeer supports almost all Cryptocurrencies available.
  • Mobile Application – available at Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store for both Android and iOS users.
  • Accessible in Different Languages – engage in Cryptocurrency Trading with Pexeer in your own language.


  1. You get a 360° exploration of the dashboard as an admin.
  2. Easy to understand and clean codes.
  3. Tons of different features for admin and user sides.
  4. Access of demo code and documentation before purchase.


  1. 2FA is enabled during the demo testing which is unnecessary and a headache for the people who want to have a test of the site before purchasing it.
  2. No refund policy for installation charge.

Pexeer Pricing

Get the best deal of Pexeer Regular Licence on codecanyon for $499 only (Extended License Price: $1500)! Out of budget? Check out our following recommendations for more budget-friendly and convenient ones!

Buy from Codecanyon

2. OnlineTrader

Online Trader - Cryptocurrency Script

OnlineTrader is an Investment Management Platform that monitors your investments in stocks, cryptocurrencies, bonds or even forex! Built with Laravel software, it makes monitoring your online investments easy and simple by its fully functional dynamic solutions. Check out its powerful features below!

Best Features of OnlineTrader

  • Meta-trader 4 (MT4) Integration – connect your trading accounts from any broker.
  • Google 2FA – highly secured by the Google 2 Factor Authentication (2 FA) system.
  • AWS S3 CDN – storage support of Amazon Web Server S3 with Content delivery Network (CDN).
    • 100% responsive designs along with a live chat system and access to Google Translator.
  • Multicoin Support – supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.
    • Informative User Panel with accessible history of your earnings, deposits, and withdrawal.
  • Internal Email Notification System – Notifies users with automatic or manual notifications via email.
  • Advanced User and Admin Control – control the full workflow and set restrictions for users as an admin.
  • Advanced Security – ensuring the highest level of protection for your server and users.


  1. Demo testing for users and admin is available before you buy.
  2. Guaranteed fix of any patch or bugs of your broken content.
  3. 24/7 excellent tech support.
  4. Pay with coins or other payment systems.
  5. Easy integration with your WordPress site.


  1. Automatic coin payment (for deposit, withdrawal) is available for three coins only. OnlineTrader does not have a mobile application.

Pricing of OnlineTrader

Buy the Regular License of OnlineTrader from Codecanyon only for $95, the extended license costs $450!

Buy from Codecanyon

3. TokenLite

TokenLite - ICO Script

TokenLite is an ICO/STO token sale management dashboard and it is fully functional with respect to all types of components that are needed in launching your cryptocurrency exchange platform. If you are starting a new business with blockchain or cryptocurrency then you can get every help on TokenLite. Find out how!

Best Features of TokenLite

    • ICO Admin Scripts – easy purchase of tokens for contributors via Initial Coin Offering (ICO) admin scripts.
    • Multi-currency support in multi-language.
  • Built-in Referral Bonus – monitor who gets the bonus by inviting more people into your platform.
  • Two layers of security protection with 2FA.
  • State-of-the-art UI design.
  • KYC/AML Application – Know Your Customer (KYC) and the Anti Money Laundering (AML) applications help you verify an investor or contributor’s real identity.
  • Clear dashboard to overlook everything of the business at a glance.
  • Easy monitoring of ICO stages and payments.
  • 24/7 expert support.


  1. Unlike many other platforms, you can use both the crypto coin payment and bank payments on TokenLite. You can try its demo as an admin, user, or contributor before making any purchase. Moreover, you can have the privilege of trying your personal demo access before purchase, and for that, you have to contact via mail.


  1. While buying TokenLite you have to be sure about the License you are buying because once you have bought one, you can not upgrade it unless you purchase it again.
  2. Envato Purchase Code registration is needed to unlock application or admin features.

TokenLite Pricing

Purchase the Regular License of TokenLite for $160 only (30% OFF going on) or its Extended License for $349 from HERE!

Buy from Codecanyon

4. ICOWallet – ICO Script

ICOWallet - ICO Script

ICOWallet is a complete ICO software and token launching platform for cryptocurrency exchange businesses. It is basically built for creating new coin wallets and launching tokens. The ICO Wallet Script gives you the fully functional ICO cryptocurrency solutions right through a dynamic website!

Best Features of ICO Wallet Script

  • Complete solution for ICO system management and token launching.
  • Multi-language with multiple payment gateways.
  • Finance and Management System – automated deposit and withdrawal system through coin payment.
  • Fully responsive website design with separate management system for admin and customer.
  • Exchange and Trading Package Management – customize your packages as you want.


  1. With the ICOWallet you can launch a great platform right from the start of your cryptocurrency exchange business. ICOWallet provides you with all the information to set up your ICO white paper management. As its main concern is security, you can rely on having a clear, concise, and easy-to-navigate platform.


  1. Does not support multiple ICO.
  2. Does not work with CrediMax.

ICOWallet Pricing Plans

Buy ICOWallet’s Regular License for only $189 or its Extended License for $325!

Buy from Codecanyon

5. Nishue

Nishue - Cryptocurrency Exchange and Investment Script

Nishue is a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) and a complete crypto investment platform. With Nishue, you get to compare crypto live lending with MLM system and cryptocurrency buy & sell exchange.

We, the Webpreneur Lab team, recommend Nishue to the one whose priority is the best cryptocurrency exchange software for investments (with every other quality). Check out its coolest features below!

Best Features of Nishue – What will You Get from Nishue?

  • MLM – team and referral bonuses along with level-wise reward and affiliation.
  • Multi-language and Coin Support – 100+ crypto coin support.
    • Flexible and fully secured buy sell cryptocurrency exchange.
    • Enhanced system frontend with Content Management System (CMS).
  • Diversified Packages – add multiple different packages for customers with this crypto investment software.
    • SMS and email templates and instant notifications.
    • Coin deposit and withdrawal system with timely ROI based on customer’s buying packages.
    • Cryptocurrency converter with live crypto comparison.
  • Mobile Payment – multiple payment gateways.
  • A detailed dashboard that graphically represents all the activities.
  • Multiple themes with add-ons.


  1. You can watch a full tutorial to learn all about Nishue step by step on YouTube. Also check out its demos for customers, super admins, and web to know more about its insights.


  1. Nishue only supports payment gateways from mobile, no bank payment gateways!

Nishue Pricing

Get Nishue Regular License only at $199 and Extended License for only $325 from codecanyon.

Buy from Codecanyon

6. TradeBox 

Tradebox - Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

TradeBox, is an advanced cryptocurrency trading software with buying and selling exchange systems that deal with your cryptocurrency pair exchange and launching. TradeBox can help you with all of your cryptocurrency dealings and exchanging concerns. Entrepreneurs and the cryptocurrency trading platform owners are the most benefited ones by TradeBox.

The Webpreneur Lab highly suggests TradeBox if you want a fully functional Buy & Sell cryptocurrency exchange platform script. Here is why!

What do you get from TradeBox? Key Features of TradeBox!

  • Integration of ERC20 Token – create extra mileage for your business by building a direct connection with the Ethereum network.
  • Manage frontend view with the full website CMS, multi-language access, and various modules (social links, charts, etc.,).
  • You can exchange any coins and add your own coins as well.
  • Tons of features for admin and users management systems as a business owner you can make changes to anything according to your needs.
  • Total finance and management systems to look after all your credits, deposits, withdrawal, and many more!
  • Trading Package Maintenance – edit and monitor all your packages from the package lists easily, check history and transactions all in one place.


  1. With TradeBox, you can add your own and unlimited coins and also can create your own coin market and pair a coin market as well.
  2. You can have a live chat facility with instant notifications for SMS and emails.
  3. TradeBox is 100% secure and provides 24/7 tech services.
  4. You can have a look at their step-by-step tutorial before purchasing any of its plans.
  5. TradeBox has its source open for you to test its demo for the web, customers, and admins as well.


  1. No available integration with Rest API and websocket. Instant market buy and sell or instant swap is also not included automatically, it needs customization from the developer side.

TradeBox Pricing

The Regular License plan of TradeBox costs $199 only and the extended one is for $325! Get the TradeBox NOW and get started with launching your own Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Platform!

Buy from Codecanyon

7. TradeLab – Online Trading Platform

TradeLab - Crypto Trading Platform

TradeLab is an online trading platform that opens precious opportunities for the one who wants to trade cryptocurrencies using websites. It is a unique platform with an easy installation process and controllable user interface. Have a look at what it has got for you, below!

Best Features of TradeLab

  • Responsive design with fully functional dynamic features for admin and users both.
  • Setup for more than 250 currencies and 20 payment gateways.
  • Fully secured user dashboard.
  • Total controllable admin panel.
  • Strong admin interface with all management systems.
  • Regular updates with premium tech support.
  • Support with ReCaptcha and automated Google 2FA.


  1. The best thing about TradeLab is, it is made for the future using the best future-oriented framework (Laravel, bootstrap, etc.,), which makes sure you have an easy go with launching your own cryptocurrency exchange platform. You can access its demo version before making any purchase. You get the full documentation, database, and of course the source code along with the script.


  1. An admin can not set manual trades for individual users.
  2. No mobile App.
  3. It is a trading game, different from other trading platforms.

TradeLab Pricing 

Get the Regular License of TradLab at $99 or $499 for the Extended License from codecanyon!

Buy from Codecanyon

8. CrypLab

Cryplab - Cryptocurrency Marketplace Platform

CrypLab – Crypto Marketplace Platform is a professional system built with PHP Laravel for the users who want to develop their own multi-vendor marketplace website. With CrypLab, people can create their own crypto marketplace system for their businesses, without paying developers a single penny! It literally takes a few minutes to start your Crypto marketplace system. Isn’t it interesting? Check below to know more of its best services!

Best Features of CrypLab

  • Product Buy and Sell – free joining and selling items, creation of unlimited products along with purchasing by logging in features.
  • Multiple Payment Gateway with Currencies Setup – more than 20+ payment gateways and 200+ setup of currencies is available.
  • Auction System – auction platforms of crypto marketplace are provided.
  • Smart UI/UX – for both the admins and users including live chat, security as 2FA and captcha services.
  • Supports Multifunctional Browsers and  Multi-language – compatible with modern and cross-browsers while providing services in multiple different languages.
  • Strong Admin Panel – powerful interface for admins letting them manage everything of the business.
  • Dynamic features for user dashboard and admin panel.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy with an easy documentation system.
  • Premium and regular updates with quick technical support.


  1. CrypLab provides you the full source code, database and project documentation along with its script. Here you get to test the demo as an admin and get the frontend access as well. It also provides best support for any development requests.


  1. No integration with other wallets of user choice like Metamask wallet.

Pricing of CrypLab

Get the Regular License of CrypLab only at $49 or its Extended License for $499 from codecanyon NOW!

Buy from Codecanyon

9. Cpocket

Cpocket - Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cpocket is a fully secured wallet for P2P exchanging and trading of cryptocurrencies. It is integrated with coinpayment gateways. However, it also supports buying coins from banks and bank deposits as well. Basically, it has got every feature to run your wallet smoothly. Know them below!

Best Features of Cpocket

  • A dynamic dashboard with 360° view from the admin panel.
  • Security management to finance management – controlled by the admin.
  • Easy and simple signing for the user.
  • Clean and clear UI.
  • Wallet generation from coin payment for users.
  • Simple wallet management system.
  • Fully secured by google 2FA.
  • Protected finance and member management systems.
  • Instant SMS and email notifications.


  1. Cpocket script’s files and codes are well organized and easy to customize. Like other platforms, you can have a try at its demo version as well before purchase. Cpocket has recently launched its mobile applications, which is another plus.


  1. Reinstallation is needed if you have changed your domain in order to transfer your license.

Pricing of the Cpocket Script

Cpocket costs $250 for its Regular License and $1525 for its Extended License on codecanyon.

Buy from Codecanyon

10. TokenBox – Best STO Platform

Tokenbox - STO Script

TokenBox is a Security Token Offering (STO) Platform, very similar to an ICO platform but here investors are given tokens or crypto coins to represent their investments. So TokenBox can be described as an online platform of token trading that lightens the risks of investors. This platform allows admin and shareholders to fully monitor their activities through its following features.

For beginners who are looking for a well-organized ICO platform to get started with their cryptocurrency exchange and trading, the Webpreneur Lab experts suggest and highly recommend TokenBox for them.

Best Features of TokenBox

    • Supports variant screen size: for mobile, tablets, laptops, or desktops.
    • Fully customizable menu operation support for the admin.
    • Creation of different roles for users, shareholders, and new admin – by the main admin.
    • Supports multiple email and SMS sending to multiple users at once, but on the same platform.
    • A shareholder is allowed to buy and exchange tokens.
  • Shareholder Panel – to check shareholder’s wallet and financial history at a glance.
  • Shareholder Reference – refer to others and get a percentage on their purchase.


  1. Before getting started with TokenBox, you can watch a video to learn how it works in detail. To get the demo access, check the comment section.


  1. As TokenBox is a local token platform (not a blockchain platform), it does not allow adding the ERC20 token.

Tokenbox Pricing

Get the TokenBox Regular License at only $169 or its Extended License for $325 NOW!

Buy from Codecanyon

11. Cryptitan

Cryptitan - Cryptocurrency Marketplace Script

Cryptitan – a multi-featured cryptocurrency exchange software that supports multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies with a direct bank, credit card, and coin payment gateways. It is a direct buy & sells cryptocurrency exchange software with a gift card marketplace. You can get many useful and relevant features on Cryptitan in order to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange software platform.

Best Features of Cryptitan

  • Crypto Wallets – registered users get unique receiving addresses via custodial wallet providers like BitGo.
  • Buy & sell cryptocurrencies with multiple payment gateways and exchange fees.
  • Supports gift card marketplace – the listing has to be with checkouts and payment fulfillment by users’ existing accounts.
  • User verification with KYC system.
  • Super admin controls everything and assigns roles of the business.
  • Market Chart – continuous checking and monitoring of history.
  • Fully customizable UI and 99% translatable to any ISO locale.


  1. If you get Cryptitan you can trade right away as it introduces a fully functional gift card marketplace with checkout and payment fulfillment.


  1. No p2p feature is included with Cryptitan script.
  2. No mobile applications yet.

Cryptitan Pricing

Get the special limited-time discount of Cryptitan for its Regular License plans at only $99 ($199). The Extended License costs $499.

Buy from Codecanyon


HYIPLAB Investment System

Claimed to be the best and most advanced HYIP Investment System Script on codecanyon, HYIP LAB provides the most secured, well-optimized, and SEO-friendly web application that all investors want. As it is a ready-to-use script, you can start your trading business within a few moments. Its easy-to-use admin panel will lead you towards your goal without any coding demand. Check out its best features below!

Best Features of HYIPLAB

  • Fully secured online investment platform authorized with 2FA.
  • Supports multiple templates and languages.
  • Easy installation process and dynamic UI designs.
  • Supports crypto and local currencies.
  • Universal referral or multi-level referral system.
  • Multiple payment gateways – over 20 and fully automated.
  • Easy to understand and clean codes.
  • Free updates for lifetime and 24/7 tech support.


  1. HYIP LAB lets you try its demo version without making any purchase, so you can try it and then decide whether you want to buy it. You can have the frontend and admin access from the demo and in our opinion, it is a good way to be clear where you are investing!


  1. No transaction email notifications for admin via email or SMS!


The Regular License for HYIP LAB costs $199 and the Extended one costs $999. Available HERE!

Buy from Codecanyon

13. Crypto Compare – Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization

Crypto Compare - CoinCompare Script

Crypto Compare or CoinCompare is one of the best-selling and top-rated cryptocurrency exchange web applications that display real-time data of the crypto market. For example, here you can see the cryptocurrency quotes, key information, historical charts (for 2000+ coins), daily updates, and all market capitalization. This web app is designed for you to quickly get started with your own cryptocurrency exchange website. Crypto Compare offers you the following amazing features!

Best Features of Crypto Compare

  • Supports multi-color (12) themes, multi-currencies (115 fiat currencies), and multi-language (20 global languages).
  • Automated rotation of news headlines in the front page of the website. Speed and rotation are customizable from the backend.
  • Easy customization of the ranking table by the admin.
  • Real-time coin quotes and trading feeds (buy-sell, price, amount, total count, etc.)
  • Recent coin performance displayed on the sparkline charts.
  • Supports viewing coin comparison and detailed coin data for each coin.
  • Ability to customize coin page URLs.
  • Fully responsive ad units by Google AdSense.
  • Supports extra earning via affiliate links and visitor’s donations.


  1. Crypto Compare lets you identify and analyze trending crypto coins, their ups and downs, and historical performance as well. Therefore, you can have a proper insight on where to invest and earn maximum profit. Here you can install the script easily and update it without the hassle of reinstallation like other sites.


  1. Only the supported coins or tokens of API can be added to the admin panel. No other custom-made tokens are supported.
  2. In order to change the installation domain, you have to buy a new license.

Pricing of Crypto Compare

Get the Regular License of Crypto Compare at an amazing rate of $39 only. The Extended License costs only $200.

Buy from Codecanyon

Our following content will provide you with every knowledge that you need to know before buying a Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Script!

Why should you start a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform?

Launching your own Cryptocurrency exchange platform is a very difficult task as you should be careful about evaluating the scope and potential future growth of launching a project. Moreover, you need to have a team that can relate to your vision. If you manage to have all these, then check out the below-mentioned benefits in order to be crystal clear about why you should start a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform!

Benefits of launching your own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Here are several benefits that you can avail of by launching your own Cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Be a Part of the Growing Market

The cryptocurrency market is growing at a fast rate, irrespective of the dips. Each day, more and more want to trade in cryptocurrencies, making the proposition even more lucrative. For this reason, cryptocurrencies are becoming the source of profit for everyone who wants to make one. To start launching your platform for Cryptocurrency exchange as well!

Get everything Managed with a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular because of their exclusive rate of value and developing worth in the global market. But managing all aspects of exchanging or trading your cryptocurrencies is a tough task and you can do it with the help of a separate platform. Yes, you can manage it all within it. So go through our recommendations of the best platforms below!

Why should you choose Our Recommendation for Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Script?

Webpreneur Lab provides efficient cryptocurrency exchange Solutions. As a top crypto-exchange software analyst, we assure you with secured, scalable, and customized solutions for your business. We offer –

  • The secure crypto exchange platform.
  • Quality Services.
  • Cost-effective.
  • The expert team of professionals.

Types of Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Choosing an appropriate type will affect your business’s popularity and profitability in the long run. Also, the development efforts would vary according to the type of exchange you’ll build. Here are some of the most common types of cryptocurrency exchange platforms:

  • Admin Exchange

An admin exchange promotes trading a user platform and the platform itself. The operations are simple, but it is not quite a popular type owing to limited growth potential.

  • Peer 2 Peer Exchange

P2P platforms serve links between two parties that are looking for exchange transactions. The platform is for common users in buy/sell activity via a bid system and a platform.

  • Decentralized and Centralized Exchange

Decentralized exchanges work on the same principle as P2P exchanges but provide high levels of anonymity and privacy for all of its users. These types of exchanges are controlled by the user. However, centralized exchanges are regulated and allow fiat currencies trading. In addition, you have to rely and trust your counterparties in centralized exchanges.

  • Margin Trading Exchange

In such an exchange, users don’t trade in cryptocurrencies but cryptocurrency contracts. Here they are allowed to buy contracts with a marginal amount like buying stocks that are not affordable.

After you have decided which exchange type best suits you, it is time to check what features Cryptocurrency Exchange Software offers!

Must Have Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Webpreneur Lab has the following features that you must consider to create your own customized cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Customizable Workspace Interface

The trading software focus point is your working areas as per your needs. As an investor, it must:

  • Enable you to organize and sort the order book section.
  • Set your order table choices.
  • Enable you to set your wished theme.
  • Enable to set up sound alerts and in-browser notifications.
  • Set up browser notifications & sound alerts.

Margin Trading

The most recent one is Margin trading. This feature is incorporated into cryptocurrency trading/exchange software. Your trading platform must need to allow your users to borrow some funds and offer margin trading with some leverages on ETH/BTC, BTC/EUR, and ETH/USD pairs.

Margin Lending

TIt can help investors to earn interest with few risks in the cryptocurrencies market. In this feature, investors aren’t required to worry about computer programming & settings. With the help of Margin lending, you can provide money to traders willing to indulge in trading on a margin basis. By following this feature investors enable them to lend their money to traders and generate daily revenue (interest) from them.

Robust Trade Engine

Our robust trade engine combines buy and sell orders with reduced latency. It has inbuilt order types for a market order, limit order & stop order which is crucial for a crypto trading system.

Digi Wallet

Our cryptocurrency exchange development platform comprises industry-standard multi-cryptocurrency wallets that permit secure storage and smooth transactions for a variety of digital currencies.

Multi-level Security

We implemented advanced security standards like SSL implementation and two-factor authentication for advanced login security, encrypted user access, and automatic limits while funding withdrawal.

Fiat and Crypto Trading

Our white label exchange is compatible with a range of currencies, including fiat and cryptocurrencies. The accessible architecture enables the integration of any kind of currency into the exchange.

Payment Gateway Integration

Our payment gateway follows the latest crypto payment trends. You can furthermore incorporate the exchange script with the most adaptable and advanced payment technologies.

High TPS (Transactions Per Second)

A reliable crypto exchange platform should have high TPS for a better trading experience. Keeping this in mind, we develop our white-label exchange software platform with a high TPS, which can process up to 8000 transactions per second.

Modules of Cryptocurrency Trading Software

While deciding about your development efforts, you also need to outline the structure of your project. Whether you will roll out your platform on a monolithic structure where you will place all modules/components on a single server or a modular structure with a separate server for each module.

Trading Engine

It is the most vital component of the crypto exchange platform. For this reason, this platform needs several managing functions like-

  • Cryptocurrency Transactions
  • Wallet Balance Calculation
  • Book of Orders Access Request Processing
  • Sale/Purchase Transaction Management

The better your trading engine, the faster your platform will be, which will make it more attractive for users. Compromising on the trading engine will lead your platform on a path to failure.

User Interface

The user interface is really crucial for attracting new users and engaging them to use the platform. Having a simple and intuitive interface is the first step towards hooking your users to the platform.

You can check out some of the existing exchanges to understand what works best for the end-user. Your core focus should be on enhancing the appeal of the interface while promoting simplicity in placing orders.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

When working on a cryptocurrency exchange platform, you need to focus on blockchain wallet development, too. Because your users will not be able to store cryptocurrency balances without a wallet.

You would need to get in touch with a bank to create a system that converts fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies. Some tips are given below to create a wallet system platform –

  • Provide maximum deposit/withdrawal options
  • Focus on enhancing the transaction speeds
  • Create a system for account verification during withdrawal to avoid chances of money laundering

Admin Module

The admin module will help you manage various operational aspects of your platform. You need to create a resilient admin module that can help you manage:

  • User account and activity database
  • Transaction management
  • Withdrawal request processing
  • Wallet set up
  • Team management
  • Accounting and finance

Workflow of Cryptocurrency Trading Software

The system is not dependent on any server or central authority to maintain all processing issues. The workflow is the most important thing to understand the whole process.

Requirement Discussion – We identify your requirements by gathering all data & refining the requirements.

Gap Analysis & Design Solution – After a complete analysis, our designers will derive a proper outline of the project.

Development – We build advanced crypto exchange software with the latest functionalities.

Testing – Our testing team tests the developed product for bug-free software.

Deployment – Implement the blockchain to the main network & provide technical assistance.

Maintenance – If any update is required then we do it needfully to maintain credibility.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Spread and Basis Trading – Leverage Auto spreader to auto-trade the price differential between the cash and swap or futures markets.

Cash Cryptocurrencies – Access Coinbase, trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Futures, EOS Token. More exchanges are coming in the future.

Visualizations – View information, marketing depth, time and sales, charts, orders, multiple products across multiple exchanges all at once.

Customization – Build your own workspaces to view the markets the way you want and take advantage of multi-monitor setups.

MD Trader – Trade confidently using TT’s static price ladder with single-click execution, even in rapidly changing market conditions.

SSL integration – To maintain the top-notch security standards the cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms are run entirely over encrypted SSL.

TT Order – Use TT’s suite of advanced order types, including stop orders, icebergs, timed orders, if-touched orders, and OCOs, to improve your order executions.

Algorithmic Trading – Build sophisticated algorithms and completely automated trading strategies with ADL.

At A Glance: 

Here is the 13 best cryptocurrency exchange & trading scripts

  1. Pexeer & Pexeer Mobile App – Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform
  2. OnlineTrader – Trading and investment management system
  3. TokenLite – ICO – ICO / STO Token Sale Management Dashboard – ICO Admin Script
  4. ICOWallet – ICO Software and Token Launching Solution
  5. Nishue – MLM & Crypto Investment Platform
  6. Tradebox – CryptoCurrency Buy, Sell, and Trading Software
  7. TradeLab – Online Trading Platform
  8. CrypLab – Crypto Marketplace Platform
  9. Cpocket – Cryptocurrency Web Wallet
  10. Tokenbox – Security Token Offering Platform (STO)
  11. Cryptitan – Multi-featured Crypto Exchange Software with Giftcard Marketplace
  12. HYIPLAB – Complete HYIP Investment System
  13. Crypto Compare – Coin Market Cap, Chart, Widget, Watchlist, News App

We Offer More Than Just Solutions!

Webpreneur Lab provides solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges, identifying issues beyond the typical challenges. The world of cryptocurrency is still fragmented and loosely standardized; there is no golden standard. So, start your own cryptocurrency buy-sell business with the best cryptocurrency software script.

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