Best HYIP Software Scripts

HYIP Scripts: 5 Best HYIP Software Scripts in 2024

Anyone who wants to increase their cryptocurrency investments checks out the well-designed High Yield Investment Platform (HYIP) software script because it allows the business administrator to focus on investments and less worry about managing the operating system. Making the management process easier for the administrators, the HYIP platform shows all the fees, project management, profit calculator, etc., in the same place which provides reliability and clarity among the owner and clients. By using a cryptocurrency HYIP software script, you can expect a high return on investment (ROI) to investors over a period of time and start a profitable HYIP business in a few days.

Now the big question arises! As there are literally hundreds of HYIP investment platforms in the web market these days offering similar benefits, which one should you choose? Well, we are here to help because we have always been providing the best solutions regarding cryptocurrency exchange or investment software. With this consistency,  in this article, we have analyzed hundreds of HYIP software scripts in order to bring out the best ones for you. Check out our best picks below!

The 5 best HYIP Software Scripts in 2024

HYIP Software ScriptFeature HighlightsDemo Link
  1. Most secured, well-optimized, and SEO-friendly HYIP investment system script.
  2. Universal referral or multi-level referral system.
  1. Simple yet advanced HYIP software script for beginners.
  2. GDPR policy.
  1. Modern and multi-purpose high-yield investment platform with real-time in-app notifications.
  2. Fully responsive dashboard with RTL-supported dynamic frontend.
1. Multipurpose investment platform for high-yield investment businesses.

2. Multiple coin and card payment gateways with a multi-level ROI earning process.
  1. A high-yield bitcoin investment platform.
  2. Earn profits by investing and collecting bitcoins from other investors.


HYIPLAB - HYIP Investment Software

Claimed to be the best and most advanced HYIP Investment System Script on Codecanyon, HYIP LAB provides the most secured, well-optimized, and SEO-friendly web application that all investors want. As it is a ready-to-use script, you can start your trading business within a few moments. Its easy-to-use admin panel will lead you towards your goal without any coding demand. Check out its best features below!

Best Features of HYIP LAB

  • Fully secured online investment platform authorized with 2FA.
  • Supports multiple templates and languages.
  • Easy installation process and dynamic UI designs.
  • Supports crypto and local currencies.
  • Universal referral or multi-level referral system.
  • Multiple payment gateways – over 20 and fully automated.
  • Easy to understand and clean codes.
  • Free updates for lifetime and 24/7 tech support.

Pros of HYIP LAB

HYIP LAB lets you try its demo version without making any purchase, so you can try it and then decide whether you want to buy it. You can have the frontend and admin access from the demo and in our opinion, it is a good way to be clear where you are investing.

Cons of HYIP LAB

No transaction email notifications for admin via email or SMS.


The Regular License for HYIP LAB costs $199 and the Extended one costs $999. Available HERE!

Buy from Codecanyon

2. LiteHYIP

LiteHYIP - HYIP Script

For beginners who are on the verge of starting an investment business website, check out LiteHYIP – Simple HYIP Investment Platform. It comes with the simplest admin and user interface and provides professional HYIP investment solutions. LiteHYIP’s operating system is made so easy that anyone with no prior knowledge in programming can manage his investment website effortlessly.

Best Features of LiteHYIP

  • Premium HYIP investment platform with simple and elegant UI.
  • Over 20 payment gateways with 250+ currencies set up.
  • GDPR Policy: Easy documentation with enabled General Data Protection Regulation policy.
  • Modern and cross-browser compatibility.
  • Regular updates with quick support.
  • User withdrawal system, transaction, and investment logs with automated and manual methods for deposits. 
  • Profile management and 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for users.
  • Unlimited top management systems for admin.

Pros of LiteHYIP

The best thing about the LiteHYIP software script is, it is designed for the future and is fully secured. By trying its demo access as an admin, you get to experience how to manage everything in order to run an investment website. And yes, you can avail this opportunity for free. 

Cons of LiteHYIP

  • No demo access as a user.
  • No level system is available for referrals yet.


Get the Regular License of LiteHYIP that costs only $59 and the Extended License is at $499 from Codecanyon now!

Buy from Codecanyon

3. HyipPro

HyipPRO - HYIP Script

HyipPro is a multi-purpose high-yield investment platform that comes with 24-hour payment gateways and real-time in-app notifications. This HYIP investment script’s advanced features and SEO-friendly web application gears up your business very quickly even if you are a beginner. Its easy-to-use user and admin panel dashboard and dynamic frontend theme with the right to left (RTL) support help you increase your investment business in a great way.

Best Features of HyipPro

  • Fully responsive dashboard with RTL supported dynamic frontend.
  • 24 automated payment gateways with 2 types of referral bonuses.
  • Supports both card and coin payments.
  • Easy-made user and content management system for admin.
  • All logs are in one place – transaction log, commission, investment, or even payment log.
  • Notification featured with push, email, and SMS.

Pros of HyipPro

HyipPro gives you free demo access as an admin and a user which leads you through using its frontend. If you check its demo before purchasing the script, you can have the best look possible at how it works and how it can enhance your HYIP investment business.

Cons of HyipPro

For any support, you may need a couple of days maximum to wait regarding the time zone issue.


Get the Regular License of HyipPro for only $49 and if you want to charge your users for using the script, buy the Extended License for $525 only.

Buy from Codecanyon

4. InvestPro

InvestPro HYIP Script

Looking for a multipurpose high yield investment platform? Meet InvestPro, a fully functional HYIP Investment Platform that conveniently manages all your crypto investments, wallet, and banking. Along with multiple coinpayments and card payment gateways, InvestPro allows you user registrations, deposits, and multi-level Return on Investment (ROI) earning processing while setting up your platform asap! You get to manage everything under one roof with its advanced referral system, deposit, withdrawal, transaction log, news and plan, web and user management systems.

Best Features of InvestPro

  • Advanced and fully responsive user-friendly dashboard.
  • Multiple payment gateways and an awesome wallet with an unlimited referral system.
  • Secured User Identity Check: user profile and email verification.
  • Live chat in multiple languages and templates.
  • Easy deposit, wallet funding, investment plan, and management of internal systems.
  • All in one management platform for the admin.
  • Lifetime free unlimited updates.

Pros of InvestPro

  • With InvestPro you will never fall behind the time as it keeps updating its version software every couple of months. And you get all the latest updates for free. 
  • Before purchasing, you get to check its free frontend demo as an admin and user, both! 
  • The best thing is, it supports several main coinpayments for example BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, etc., and other payment gateways such as bank and card payments as well.
  • The addition of any coin or token like ERC20 or BEP20 is possible, anytime.
  • The service team is 24/7 up for your help.

Cons of InvestPro

Code customization is needed in order to integrate other (new to InvestPro) payment gateways and it should be done by professional developers. 


The Regular License of InvestPro costs only $49 and its Extended License is $400. Get it NOW!

Buy from Codecanyon

5. CryptoDouble

CryptoDouble HYIP Script

Anyone who is looking for a high yield bitcoin investment platform, CryptoDouble – a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency HYIP Investment Platform is the place for him! Within the CryptoDouble software script, you can gain profits by investing and collecting bitcoins from other investors and starting other businesses out of it. In addition, investors can earn huge profits as their earned bitcoins can be used effectively in other businesses as well. An extra payment can be earned by investing in this platform and by referral system too. Read below to know what more it has to offer!

Best Features of CryptoDouble

  • Multiple payment gateways – coin payments and card payments.
  • Easy installation and user registration process.
  • Advanced and fully secured user verification.
  • Easy customization of manual payment systems for investors.
  • Detailed checking of customers with ban or remove options.
  • Detailed supervision withdrawal requests along with acceptance and rejection options.
  • Strong SQL injection protection system that keeps hackers away.

Pros of CryptoDouble

CryptoDouble offers you free access to the frontend demo as an admin and user. As an admin, you get every control on your HYIP platform regarding managing your customers or users. The customer management system gives you everything to create your own bitcoin investment platform while making it fully responsive for any device.

Cons of CryptoDouble

  • Support may get late to reply and solve issues during holidays.
  • Recent updates have come, so contacting the support team may be needed regarding the installation process.


Download the bitcoin HYIP script – CryptoDouble Regular License at only $39 or the Extended License at $225 only from Codecanyon!

Buy from Codecanyon

Understanding all about the HYIP Investment Software Script

The following segments will provide you with the best informative aspects about an HYIP software script and enrich your knowledge while helping you to choose the best HYIP software script for your business!

What is a High-yield Investment Platform Software Script?

A High Yield Investment Platform (HYIP) software script refers to a well-designed software platform that provides investors an extraordinarily high return on investment (ROI) (almost or more than 100%) in a very short time and increases their cryptocurrency or online investment revenues. Without worrying about the operation system management, business administrators can focus on investment only because an HYIP software script manages all the fees, project management, profit calculator, etc., at the same place which provides reliability and clarity among the owner and clients.

What are the main features of HYIP Investment Script?

Choosing the best HYIP Investment Software Script is a very confusing and lengthy task, especially when there are thousands of platforms roaming around in the web market. However, the following common and standard features should and must exist in an HYIP Investment Script to be among the best ones. Check the features below!

  • Investment Management

An HYIP Investment Script deals with every corner of an investment management platform, such as – 

  • Account management – view, manage, analyze and compare all purchases, capital and prices.
  • Bond or stocks and Trade management
  • Data import or export – manages and analyzes investment data.
  • Clinical Dashboard

A dashboard is one of the most important aspects of an HYIP software script as it shows the complete overview of a progressive investment under one roof. That’s why an HYIP dashboard must be clinical and easy to understand. It should be customizable as well. 

  • Admin Features

One of the common features of every HYIP Software Script is its separate features for Admins. An admin is capable of managing the dashboard, referrals, deposits, withdrawals, transactions, news, plans & menu, web management to general management settings. More importantly, the user or client management and risk management are the most significant tasks of an admin. The best HYIP software scripts allow admins with such authority to manage each part effectively.

  • Features for users

  • Fully responsive and user-friendly dashboard.
  • Identity verification – user profile and email should be securely verified.
  • Live chat system.
  • Crystal clear investment plan.
  • In-built calculator

An in-built calculator of a standard HYIP script is a must need. It helps the business administrators to calculate investment stats efficiently by assisting them with valid investment rates.

  • Wallet support

Secured wallet support is the most prioritized option in an HYIP software platform because within a valid wallet support a user gets to manage and maintain deposits and wallets. 

  • Configurable and Customizable Platform

As we have already mentioned that the investment plans should be crystal clear for the users or investors, the plan builder should be easily customizable as well because a variety of investors invest in this platform. So they must understand what plans the business is following. With a customizable and fully configurable plan builder, administrators can highlight their plans clearly. 

What types of organizations or users do the HYIP Investment Platform work with?

HYIP Investment platform is used by a variety of users or organizations, see the listing below!

  • Startups
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Agencies
  • Enterprises
  • Freelance
  • Non-profit
  • government

Which mobile platform or operating system does HYIP Investment Script support?

Most HYIP Investment Script supports web applications and Windows operating systems. However, the mobile applications of these platforms are still rare.

What benefits do HYIP Scripts provide?

As a cloud-based deployment platform, an HYIP software script provides the following benefits to its users or investors as well as its owners:

  1. Earn profits – a multi-level earning process with return on investments.
  2. Users get full-fledged flexibility on how they want to receive their revenues.
  3. Setting up the script and customizing it according to a particular investment business takes no longer than 10 minutes so it is a great time savior. 
  4. HYIP software scripts provide many advanced features that help business administrators to easily manage the business which reduces their burden.
  5. Security of transactions is guaranteed from user to user including various types of payment gateways and methods.

Do HYIP Scripts offer a free trial?

Yes, all the 7 best HYIP software scripts mentioned above offer free trials or demos before making any purchase. 

How much does HYIP Investment Script cost?

The price of HYIP Investment Script varies from script to script and license to license which we have highlighted in our pricing criteria for each of those 5 best HYIP software scripts. On Codecanyon, you can avail amazing offers and deals as well (starting from $39 for a regular license). So check out our listing for the best HYIP software script 2024 above!

Which payment method does HYIP Investment Script support?

Along with multiple payment methods and gateways like online card payments, coin payment, or bank payment support, the best HYIP software script allows yearly or monthly payment as well via those gateways.

Our Picks & Suggestions

As a top cryptocurrency exchange and investment software analyst, Webpreneur Lab assures you scalable, secured, and the best solution in bringing to you the above-mentioned 5 best HYIP Investment Software Scripts for 2024. If you are a beginner in the field of cryptocurrency investments, we suggest LiteHYIP – the best for beginners! However, for those who want great profit out of outstanding investments, and want a fully secured and SEO-friendly HYIP platform, we suggest HYIPLAB to them. In addition, we also suggest you check the software script’s demo before making any purchase. Ask the dedicated support team regarding additional information. 

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