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In the world of technology, where everything is moving so fast & things are getting easier day by day. Your every issue will be solved by a single click. As a medium of communication, we have used so many Media and the Internet has made things easier & less time consuming. Among the many inventions in the sector of communication, Live Chat is now one of the most important mediums of communication, where people can connect to each other very easily within a very short time period.

live chat software

What is Live Chat Software?

If you ask yourself what is live chat? Do you have enough information about this? If you don’t have then you can go through this writing. And if you have you should also go through this writing to know more about Live Chat. So let’s start!

what is live chat software?

Live chat is a type of internet based communication system where a person can get in touch with the other person which will be available on the company’s website.

Basically if any person visits the website of any company who uses live chat software, a “Pop Up” will be shown on the screen where they can find the live chat option.

Via live chat people can communicate with customer service representatives in real time.

Ways of Doing Live Chat

Live chat is becoming more and more holy grail in customer service. We live in a digital landscape, where people prefer to text than talk and where the traditional telephone is slowly becoming a relic of technology past.

You may get confused by this point. But don’t worry we are here to solve your every little confusion. Generally there are two ways to do the online chat with the agent. One is Passive Communication and the other is Active Communication.

For starting the passive communication, the customer or the website visitor has to click on the chat button which will be visible on the page of that website. This type of communication customers or the website visitors need to complete some predefined criteria, which may be the keywords, time and so on.

Active communication may be started manually by the customer service agent or it may be done automatically after completing all the previously settled criteria. Once the criteria is fulfilled, in the purpose of active communication, the conversation will be started by an automated customized message which is considered as the invitation from the customer service agent.

Get the Effective Live Chat with Outstanding Benefits

Generally, companies related to sales, marketing & customer service type organizations use live chat to communicate with their customers; which is very easy to handle, communication can be done quickly and issues are also solved within a very short time period.


Fast Response

If any company uses live chat to communicate with customers, it will be so easy for the agent to respond to their queries, the agent can see what the customer is typing before sending it to the agent.


Cost Reduction

You know, the more the world is getting fast the more the expenses are increasing. And this not only true for personal life but also for business life. If any company uses live chat, it doesn’t need to pay any other bill for communicating with their customers because it’s an internet based communication system.


Instant Communication

If any customer wants to contact the company via mail, phone call or any other options, then he needs to wait for a while to get a response from the other side. But live chat is the only solution to this. And the same thing happens for the company. If communication is done by live chat both the agent and the customer no one needs to wait to get the response. Rather they can make the communication instantly by this live chat.


Easy to connect with the customers

Another important benefit of live chat is, both agents and the customers can connect to each other very easily without following so many procedures or formalities. Customers can easily share their queries or problems with the agent of the company by simply going to the website of the company.


Service can be provided 24*7

One of the most important reason behind the popularity of live chat, companies can provide service to their valuable customers 24*7. As long as there is internet there are no obstacles to providing service to the customers.


Problem can be solved within a shorter time period

If any company wants to achieve the full trust and satisfaction of their customer, the only way of having it is, solving the customer’s problem as soon as possible. Using live chat customers can easily describe their problem or query by a single message, even he can send any necessary URL, image or file regarding his problem. But this can’t be done if the company provides service via phone call.


Good service via live chat will help you to beat your competitors

At the end of the day, what is the main target of a company? Being the best company by beating your competitors’ right? So to make it happen, the only thing a company needs to achieve is customer’s satisfaction. The more the customer will be satisfied the more the chances will be increased. And by doing this any company can achieve its goal. Because a satisfied customer will be a great source of marketing by “Word of Mouth”.


Making the employees more effective

While using live chat as the way to communicate with customers, there are some certain rules which are followed by the companies. For example, the response time is fixed, that is the agent needs to respond within a certain time period, along with that, every customer handle time period is also fixed. The faster the issue of the customer will be solved the more effective will be the agent considered. So the efficiency of the agent will be increased and he will be able to handle more customers within a shorter time period.


Getting feedback will be easy

In live chat there is an option where a customer can share their opinion about the issue, or even if he is satisfied with the service of the agent or not or anything by saying he is satisfied or not satisfied. And companies can get to know that directly. There are so many options about giving feedback. For example, after the end of the chat, there will be a pop on the screen where here will be two options like satisfied or not satisfied. So customers can choose one according to his satisfaction.

History of the customer’s problem can be stored for future reference – An important benefit of live chat is, the history of the customer’s chat can be stored in the company’s database. So if any problem arises in the future regarding the same issue, the company can find it easily from its database. Even companies can measure its performance as well as be able to find where it needs to work hard to make it more perfect.

What you should maintain while providing service via live chat?

When a company wants to add a live chat option, it needs to give proper training to its agent. Because a good agent can add the best value to your company by attaining the full satisfaction for the customers. So, the things an agent need to follow while providing service via live chat are as follows:

Maintain a lower response time

Don’t provide robotic answer

Don’t give the same reply for several time

Try to feel customer’s pain

Make the overall process simple and understandable

Act friendly

Give the customer enough time to share his query

When replying to the customers, use active voice

Choose your words carefully, don’t use any disrespectful words

How a company can improve its live chat service

How a company can improve its live chat service?

You know what, there is always room for improvement. Always compare your service to others and it’s the best way to find your lacking. If you think your service is not up to the mark, then find out what is the problem and start to work on it. If necessary arrange some training sessions for the customer service agent so that they can learn where the problem was and how to solve it.

Monitor every chat, and find out the room of improvement. Show the agent how to respond properly. Make them clear about the rules and regulations of the company. And most importantly, make them realize the value of providing the best service.

Last but not the least, the importance and the use of live chat is increasing day by day. Because of customer’s preference and demand nowadays a huge number of companies are adding live chat options to their website. So, stay up to date and do live chat!