Pharmacy Management System - A complete POS pharmacy software

A pharmacy management system is a system that keeps everything from medicine to account. POS pharmacy software handles medicine inventory, staff management, data save, billing, stock management.
A primary pharmacy management system software comprises a user interface, data entry, retention, and security limit to save patient’s health information. Many kinds of pharmacy management systems are used around the world. Webpreneur Lab provides you the most popular & secure system for your pharmacy.


Pharmacist patient care procedure

The system collects data, stores, and arranges them, helps them learn about patients’ pharmaceuticals, their past about medications, and other aspects that can affect their health. This software allows them to evaluate the collected data to form a plan and implement a scheme to understand a patient’s issue.

Key Features of Pharmacy Management System Software

Pharmacy management software allows a pharmacist to implement daily works. Different software has different systems, but most pharmacies need essential functions to execute their work.

Dispensing Workflow Management

Dispensing Workflow Management

This features includes the distribution of medicines.

  • In-take: It is called the data entry section which is the first step of the general pharmacy workflow.
  • Pre-check: The pharmacist has an opportunity to review the drug’s reaction that is given to the patient.
  • Fill: In this part, medicines are distributed. It can be verified by hand or a robot to complete the task.
  • Check: Pharmacists maintains the filled prescription and that contains the right amount of medicines and supply.

Clinical Information Management

The profile of the patient recapitulates patient data in a tacky way. Pharmacies patient’s data such as age, allergies, phone number, health condition, etc. to take care of the patient.

  • A prescription profile has a record of the patient. So that pharmacists can observe the patient’s health condition.
  • Pharmacists manage the patient’s medicines to fill on the accurate date and reduce their confusion.
Clinical Information Management
Clinical Inventory Management

Clinical Inventory Management

Different processes provide inventory management, which helps the pharmacists to do things systematically.

  • They can organize their shelves and can have a crystal clear idea about their products.
  • Pharmacy Management System also offers electronic data exchange(EDI), a relationship between the pharmacies and the wholesalers.
  • It digitalizes shipping and order, updates the catalog, and changes prices.

Usage-based Order / Drug File Updates

A method informs the pharmacy when the balance on hand has changed so that pharmacists can understand which item it has changed and if it needs to be re-ordered.

  • All the updates, including new drugs, are launched in the market, and other drugs that are related to the information can be found in the software.
Usage-based Order
pharmacy Billing and Pricing

Pricing and Billing / Online Conciliation

Financial maintenance is a must in any business. Pharmacists should maintain it crucially. This software can recognize profit losses, re-bill third parties, and can follow market changes so that pharmacies can offer fierce prices.

Accounts Receivable

A/R accounts or charge accounts allow patients to pay the amount to the pharmacy. These patients are known as long term patients who need long term care.

Accounts Receivable
User customization Reporting

User-customizable Reporting / Reporting

As pharmacies interconnect with patients and multiple aspects of healthcare, they collect and store data with the help of their pharmacy management system. They can use this data for executing business plans, patient responses, or supplying a certification process.

Advanced Searching / Online Conciliation

Users can use the search ability to get broad information or use particular standards to clarify results that separate the required data.


Advanced Searching

Extra features for POS pharmacy software

Data Loading

You need to deal with lots of data. So, put them in software for data maintenance.

Pill Imaging

This feature helps to stop inappropriate medicine distribution to ensure the quality and quantity of the patient.


It gives you the opportunity to receive and refill the prescription to the pharmacy management system from doctors.

Barcode Verification

It provides an important system like - research of refill information, POS(point of sales) scanning, verification of distributed products.


It enables you to electronically trace acceptance for every prescription. Signature capture portholes help pharmacists in saving time.

Clinical Integration

Pharmacy software is combined (MTM services) with a huge number of clinical tools and pharmacy staff.

Benefits of Pharmacy Management System

With the help of pharmacy management system software, you will provide the best care to your patients. It is helpful to increase your profit and saves valuable time.

Pharmacy Administrator

The software fulfills every need with different login for pharmacy administrators and staff using mart User Management.


Increases profit and productivity. An elastic system that can be personalized in order to your requirements.

Supply Chain Management

It is integrated with a barcode scanner and can record details easily and increase sales procedures.

Stock Alert

It provides many features like – expiry date alert and minimum stock alert and stores lots of data.

Modules of Pharmacy Management System

A systemic PMS consists of different modules such as –


Purchasing a successful module is an important thing in PMS. All the updates including new drugs are launched in the market, and other drugs that are related to the information can be found in the software.



It is a vital module as it keeps every record of buyers and information from whom you sell or distribute.


Keeping details of the customers who are using the software. It also helps to get your doctor an opportunity to call or fax the patient’s refill to the pharmacist.



The software maintains a medicine usage cycle between the pharmacists and hospitals and warehouses. All the new drugs are launched in the market, and other drugs that are related to the information can be found in the software.

Pharma Distribution

It includes contact management. It presents a combined solution for sales and marketing and produces improvements to the work.

Pharma Distribution


Generally, this module is the most used module and important for pharmacy medical software. PMS gives a good service if the sales management module is managed in place.

What Do Webpreneur Lab Offer?

PHARMACY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ALL-ROUNDED AUTOMATION – We Webpreneur Lab serves you the best Pharmacy Management System Software. This software handles all pharmacy related data. And it is reasonably fit for any pharmacy or medicine store. The most important part of a pharmacy is – account management, invoice create, user and data analysis, stock management, store management, purchase history, income history, POS, and many more. You can easily handle it with this software.