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The Recruitment Management System software or Job Portal Script is a combination of the whole recruitment process which should be done during the recruitment. Recruitment Management System helps to find the right people with proper skills. Automating and managing an organization’s recruiting and staffing operations, streamlining the process from start to finish are the main motive of a Recruitment Management System.

Recruitment Management System

What is the Recruitment Management System?

Recruitment Management System is also known as “Job Portal Script”, “e-recruitment,” “online recruitment,” and “talent acquisition” (TA) software.  Attracting and hiring new employees is not an easy task for companies. But the Recruitment Management System helps companies by generating reports and other analytics to assess the effectiveness of recruitment campaigns.

Why is the Recruitment Management System important?

The Recruitment Management system could help you do your job with more efficiency and greater ease.

  • To become successful in business firstly need to know the job portal script area and their “wants” and “needs.”
  • To understand and analyze job portal script data,  or reduce costs, and create a more streamlined candidate experience need a Recruitment management system.
  • It serves your company a better platform for mobile and cloud computing, unified communication, and social networking. And the recruitment management system can integrate your recruiting platforms.

The recruitment management system can make a huge impact on your staffing processes. And also gives your job portal script information about clients and candidates in real-time. It provides the open opportunity to track emails, review key reports, and search candidate lists whenever you need them.

How to choose the right Recruitment Management System?

Before you choose a Recruitment Management System you have to consider the tools and features that will set you up for future success and will grow with you. It is important to focus on the functionality that is essential to the success of your business. You need to consider an RMS or Job Portal Script that will help you in building a larger talent pool, better understand and analyze your data, or reduce costs and create a more streamlined candidate experience

Benefits of using the Recruitment Management System

A crucial component of an RMS is its ability to integrate seamlessly with all of your other business platforms, including your website, email, and social media accounts.

Speed up and automates the entire recruitment process

You can update your requirements. It automates the recruitment process and speeds up the entire process.

Reduce the use of paper and grow your database

You can store all of the necessary documents in the database and candidates can log into the platform to upload their CVs.

Faster administrative work

Posting a job to a range of job-boards is just a matter of click with Recruitment Management Software.

Increase hire quality

Job Portal Script helps you to complete works in a shorter period and increases your hire quality as well.

Improve Communication

Recruitment Management System improves the communication among recruiters and team members by keeping them updated on every task their team is handling.

Secure Sensitive Data

Recruitment software solutions are secured and encrypted places to store data and can only be accessed by recruiters and their team.

Save Time

Job Portal Script can effectively speed up the whole process and saves time.


Recruitment Management Software brings cost efficiency to the companies as the processes of recruitment are considerably reduced.

Features of the Recruitment Management System

There are many recruitment management systems available from which you have to choose the best one for your company. Before you choose one you should consider all the features and facilities that will be needed for the betterment of your company.

Automating time-consuming tasks

Some reports show that most of the recruiters don’t have enough manpower and time to review all of the applications they receive for a job posting.

A Recruitment Management System combines various tools like resume screening, sourcing, candidate outreach, and interview scheduling. Job Portal Script automates these time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Every job can have its own hiring workflow

Each and every job has different requirements, methods, and workflow. From the number of hiring stages to the hiring team working on a specific workflow which is depending on the experience level and kind of job requirements. With our Recruitment Management System, you can customize the hiring workflow of your company for every job posting to match your hiring process.

Easy software integrations

Most of the recruiting people want quick and easy integration for their software tools. A recruitment software system integrates well with each other easily these days with partner marketplaces (ATS and HRM) of complementary software tools. These partner marketplaces mainly reduce both the time and friction in finding software that fits your specific need.

Passive candidate management

Passive candidates are those who are not actively seeking a new position but an employer is considering them for a certain position. What makes passive candidates desirable to employers is their skills and experience.

Our Recruitment Management System will help you to find, organize, and contact passive candidates whether they’re sourced externally or internally.

User-friendly and intuitive interface

There was a time when Recruitment software systems were not that much user-friendly and were messy and clunky. Modern versions of recruiting software are more user-friendly, intuitive, and have a more attractive user interface.

A great recruitment software system is those that have some facilities like unlimited customizations, a drag-and-drop function, and data entry that’s automated as much as possible. And our Job Portal Script provides all of these facilities.

Recruitment analytics dashboard and reporting

This feature will help to find valuable information such as the source of your candidates, your hiring velocity, the cost per hire, and the health of your recruiting funnel. You can analyze recruiting data and can learn where to make process improvements. Through this feature, you can justify, what’s going well and what could be better for your recruitment system.

Ask the right questions when candidates apply

Our Recruitment Management System makes the recruiting process more efficient and easier by including an application form with every job posting. It provides all the necessary and specific questions that cover areas that all candidates might not necessarily include in their resume. Through this, you can easily separate the truly qualified candidates for the specific job posting.

Customize your career site

You can customize your career site as per your wish by uploading your logo, add sections, and customizing elements. That will make your site feel like a part of your website.

Any Time on Any Device

Today’s recruiters want more efficient systems that can make them updated with information. Our Recruitment Management System makes it easy to access it from any device. Thus, recruiters and salespeople will be armed with up-to-the-second information about clients and candidates.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Recruitment Management software can have tracking potential employees throughout the application process, from job posting to selection. With an applicant tracking system, resume information is stored and evaluated automatically through the tool. The main task of ATS is to filter candidates based on employer specifications.

Candidate/Employee Management

Once an opening is filled, the process of acclimating an employee to the company environment can begin. On-boarding features start the process of new employee orientation by making sure all necessary information is filed and verified — this includes background and reference checks, tax records, and standard identification forms.

Admin Panel

The recruitment management system needs to maintain in a proper way. And admin has only access to keep all data securely and perfectly. The admin panel must be included various functions like – Candidate Login, Resume Upload, Resume Extractor, Resume Inbox.

Modules of the Recruitment Management System

Manpower Budgeting

Manpower Budgeting

Our recruitment system will be very flexible for those who wish to plan and budget their hiring activities. Because of the enterprise, we offer very robust and flexible budgeting options.

Interviews & Assessment

Interviews and assessments are a vital part of the recruitment process. Through our Job Portal Script recruiters can schedule multiple types of interviews with the candidates and different interview panel members. Assessments will help companies to evaluate the skills of applicants for employment to determine if candidates are a good match for their job vacancies.

Interview and Assessment
Recruitment Setup

Recruitment Setup

In this module, you can add/edit not only employment types but also experience levels, job functions, education levels. All this information will be used when posting a job.

Posting a Job

It is one of the best modules to post a job via the recruitment process.

  • Job Code.
  • Job Title.
  • Short Description.
  • Full description of the job position.
  • Show Salary.
  • Status.
  • Image.
Posting Job
Candidate Management

Candidate Management

You can share created job positions on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn using social links on the job positions module. Also, you can get a direct link to the job position which you can send via email or any other media by clicking on the “Job Link” icon.
Candidates Management Module have many parts –

  • Store candidate details.
  • Receive job applications from candidates via job postings.
  • Schedule interviews.
  • Track candidate progress with notes.
  • Projects.

Document Management / Document Types

This module represents various documents that are relevant to your organization. Employees have access to upload documents under these modules.

  • Expire Notifications.
  • Employee Documents.
  • Setting.
Document Management
Leave Management

Leave Management

Leaves module is used to manage the leave application process of your company, including:

  • Leave periods.
  • Leave types.
  • Workweek.
  • Holidays.
  • Leave rules.
  • Leave Periods.
  • Leave Types.
  • Adding a new Leave Type.
  • Work Week.

Why Choose Our Recruitment Management System?

Outstanding Features

  • Provides more than enough features.
  • Bring efficiency with additional features for the betterment.
  • Analyze your data, manage multi-site businesses with accuracy.
  • Increases work efficiency.

Increase Recruiter Productivity

  • Makes everyday tasks easy with faster source, search, and match.

Make Better Business Decisions

  • Efficient recruitment processes support your company to achieve faster levels of growth.
  • These systems improve the quality of recruitment processes and generate actionable reports.


  • It is a secured and encrypted place to store all the important data.

What Makes Webpreneur Lab Recruitment Management System Different?


Automate your time-consuming tasks

Webpreneur Lab combines multiple functions or tasks into a single click. Reduce pressure and concentrate more on finding quality candidates.


Hiring stages to suit your hiring process

Hiring pipelines give you an overall perspective of your job openings. Get a complete overview of your candidates’ status in your recruitment system and keep everyone in the know.


Make data driven hiring decisions

Make the most informed decisions at the right time. The advanced recruit analytics provides effective job portal script information like – candidate interview status, job opening status, and much more.


Increase Recruiter Productivity

Observe daily tasks with faster source, search, and match.


Make Better Business Decisions

Run your business by the numbers using staffing-specific, actionable reports.


Secure sensitive data

Recruitment software solutions are secured and encrypted places to store data and can only be accessed by recruiters and their team.

How Helpful for Applicants?

  • Helps them to know if there are any Job Vacancies available in organizations.
  • Provides date and place of Interview.
  • Making it easy for applicants to apply easily for vacancies.
  • Shows shortlisted applicants on the basis of their qualifications and experience.
  • It schedules Interviews and generates notifications.
  • Applicants can find the information on the pass or fail for each screening step of the interview.
  • It processes and generates offering and hiring letters to the applicants.
  • It generates auto-notifications to applicants for each interview process.