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The School Management System mainly automates a school’s various operations from classes, exams to school events calendar. School Management Software provides facilities that help to bring parents, teachers and students on a common interactive platform. School Management System software is perfect for schools as it helps them to manage their administrative tasks. It makes all the day to day activities easy, fast, efficient and accurate for the schools as well.

School Management System

What Can Manage With The School Management System?

School management system is user-friendly software which allows smooth flow of information within the school administrative department.

  • School management system can manage day-to-day administrative tasks.
  • Digitally manage the daily activities of the institution.
  • Online registrations and admissions can be managed by school management software.
  • Stuffs’, teachers’ and students’ information and enrollment can be managed.
  • Library, exams and results can be managed over the internet.
  • All kinds of fees and financial accounts can be managed digitally with this software.
  • Teachers, parents and students can handle their activities.
  • And connected to each other through the school management system.
  • Parents can monitor their children’s progress through the school management system.
  • Inventories and transportation systems can be managed with the help of school management system.
Our Mission

Our Mission

Serving the school administration for making all the staff responsive to the needs and interest of the students, thereby fulfilling the educational goals of providing quality and value based wholesome education to them.

Why Will You Choose Us?

If you are looking for a user-friendly and customized management system software then you can have a look at our School Management System “Webpreneur Lab”. This software will be comprehensive and easy to use.

Increase Productivity

The school management system increases the productivity of the institute. This increasing productivity decreases the time of maintaining track records. It increases the accuracy in managing data.Faculty and staff can submit their reports, leave requests digitally and for these activities they don’t have to fill out paper forms.In the meantime, the School Management System gives access to students so that they can open their online accounts.

Increase Productivity
Student-Teacher Collaboration

Student-Teacher Collaboration

Using the School Management System makes scope for the student-teacher to collaborate beyond the classroom. Teachers and students can maintain their interactions online through the application where teachers are available to answer problems of the students. Through this system a friendly atmosphere can be maintained in academics.

Reduce the Cost of Communication

Another important benefit that you will be provided by the School Management System is reduction in the cost of communication. As all the important data will be available and people would be able to get them easily, it will be more cost effective. Even communicating with the parents and students can be easy and cost effective via the School Management System.

Reduce the Cost of Communication

Increase Enrollment

As educational institutions manage different kinds of aspects so they face tight schedules. If you implement proper School Management System software then it will help you to reduce the burden from various activities. In the meantime, Student Management software will help the organization to focus on increasing the students’ enrollment.

Parents Can Access It Too

The School Management System can act as a bridge between school and parents which connects them directly. Parents can keep their eyes on the progress of their children via the School Management System. As all the information of students will be recorded so parents can see the performance of the students easily.

Access From Anywhere

After implementing the School Management System, you can access it from anywhere, any time. It will make your task easy to do and save your time as well. You will find all recorded things easily due to its easy accessibility. It will also provide immediate information.

About Our School Management System

Webpreneur Lab School Management System is designed to give schools the best for all kinds of School Administration that provides facilities to handle all their administrative activities with ease and accuracy and for saving lots of time & efforts as well. School Management System software comes with mobile apps for students, parents, teachers and management.

Feature of School Management System

The software connects each department of the school and provides some facilities to them like better information sharing, easy retrieval of information, which proves helpful for school management to make prompt decisions. It is user-friendly software which allows smooth flow of information within the school administrative department.

Seven Type of User Module

These modules are SuperAdmin, Admin, Teacher, Student, Parent, Accountant, Librarian user panels.

Data Security using Permissions

The Super Admin and Admin panel controls access permission to all user data. Immediate actions can be taken to save information leak.

Customizable system

The Source Code of the whole system is open as well so that any school can customize it according to their need.

Easy to use

This software is designed with an informative dashboard and explicit navigation keys re quite enough to roam and operate all the features of the whole system. .

Student Admission

Bulk data entry is possible. Students can upload their information to enter their details through an excel file.

Teacher Management

This feature provides facilities to the teachers so that they can take attendance, handle syllabus, routine, exams, making, grading etc.

Parents Monitoring

As it keeps all the updated information about the students like class routine, syllabus, marks, grades, assignment, and attendance, keeping eyes on the children can be easy for the parents.

Online Fees Collection

Both students and parents can pay their fees and can check their status of fees if fees are paid or unpaid, through digital platforms.

News and Notice Sharing

All the latest news and notices will be updated in real time and will be available at all users' dashboard.

Easy User interface(UI)

In our school management system the User interface is very easy to handle. It allows different users to manage and perform various operations without any hassle.

Works Across Platforms

Our school management software works across all platforms like - Android, iOS or Windows.

Accounts Management

All the types of information about collected fees and funds can be tracked through the account’s selection over the internet.

Modules of Our School Management System

School Management System software can help you to reduce the use of paper that comes from natural resources.You don’t have to use stationary if you are using the School Management System. It keeps you free from creating a mess when you are maintaining records.

Multiple School Admin

Multiple School Admin

There can be two types of Admin like, Super-Admin and Admin. The number of Super-Admin will be one but there can be multiple Admins.

Super-Admin is the one who can control or supervise others Admins and Super-Admin can Create, Update or Delete admins for a specific school as well.

School Admin won’t get all the facilities that a Super-Admin can get but they will get most of the privileges that a Super-Admin gets.

User Management Module

User management is the key and most basic module of a management system.

In our school management system, we have 7 different user roles and these are: Super-admin, Admin, Teacher, Parent, Student, Accountant and Librarian.

Every user role performs its own specific task that is assigned by the system.

The Super admin role has all the permission of creating admins and installing Addons and etc. This is the highest authority of this system.

Role wise user list can be found from the Users section of the navigation menu.

User Management Module


Once the Accountant has been created by the Admin then they will be given unique login credentials and will be privileged by some specific tasks according to those they can perform their activities which will be assigned by the system.

  •  Accountants can manage student’s Academic Fees.
  • They can Generate accounting reports.
  • They can manage Expenses of a School.
  • Accountants can Manage Expense Categories of a School.
  • Creating and Updating invoices are their tasks as well.

Librarian user panels

Once Librarian has been created by the Admin then they will be given unique login credentials and will be privileged by some specific tasks according to those they can perform their activities which will be assigned by the system.

  • Librarians can add new books to the Library.
  • They can edit existing books.
  • Librarians can issue books for Students.
Librarian user panels


In three ways a student can be admitted through our school management software. Schools can generate and change class routine and syllabus through this software. Students can download the routine and syllabus for their future needs.

If a low number of students are being registered then, this option is for you. You have to provide all the data related to students and submit them in a form.

If the number of students who are being registered is not that much low then you can choose this option. Using this option, you can put multiple student’s data at a time.

If a huge number of students are being registered then this option will solve a lot of time and make this task easy for you.

Once students are admitted by the Admin then each student will be given unique login credentials and will be privileged by some specific tasks which will be assigned by the system.

Once Parents are permitted by the Admin then they will be given unique login credentials and will be privileged by some specific tasks which will be assigned by the system.

Teacher panel

As our product (Webpreneur Lab) supports multiple user role login Teacher Panel  is one of them. Each teacher will be given a unique login ID and will be given specific privileges which will be assigned by the system.

Business Condition

Most of the well-organized institutions are looking for an optimum

Our software is a licensed software and our quality is checked by Envato. 3,235 users are using our software now and they have confirmed their satisfaction by giving ratings and reviews.

More Attractive Modules and Features

  • Parents’ account.
  • Updated syllabuses.
  • Academic reports.
  • Keep tracking (GPS).
  • Check their fees reports.
  • Bulk Data Entry System.
  • Printable Attendance and Invoice.
  • Class promoting.
  • Expense management.