Why Do You Need Cryptocurrency Trading software?

Cryptocurrency Trading software can develop a platform for investors. And also the crypto traders who look to employ the most advanced trading tools and technology. 

We face many obstacles to invest in our digital assets. And the progress may be delayed by Cryptocurrency Trading software which gets conducted on numerous exchanges. 

Those exchanges have distinct rules and regulations that encourage them to fulfill the verification process frequently.

  • Differentiate from the competition.
  • Improve user experience.
  • Improve on-boarding.
  • Strengthen the valuation of your company.
  • Rearrange market data provisions.

Integrated Referral Program

To improve the amount of the users in your white label cryptocurrency exchange platform, we have integrated a Referral Program in it.

Effectual Admin Panel

We develop dynamic and secure Admin Dashboard for you to manage your cryptocurrency trading platform with high-end technology frameworks.

High TPS (Transactions Per Second)

A reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform should have high TPS for better trading experience. Keeping this in mind, we develop our white label exchange software platform with a high TPS, which can process upto 8000 transactions per seconds.

DDoS mitigation

You can secure the exchange platform with our cryptocurrency exchange script beside a big volume of traffic from several sources.

Two-factor Authentication(2FA)

We provide 2FA to build your Bitcoin trading code in PHP extra secure & protected by eliminating third-party.

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