Why you should add a Live Chat option to your business:

Basically, the technology of live chat started its journey in the 1970’s but until the late 1990’s the use of live chat was not that much famous around the world. After 1990’s people started to use this software for their business.

Day by day the popularity of live chat is increasing. Many people made many studies regarding the reasons why its popularity is increasing at such a rapid speed. A study showed, around 53% of customers prefer chat rather than a phone call. So, here comes the need of Live Chat Software.

  • But there are plenty of reasons behind this.
  • While having the chat they can be a multi-tasker and they don’t need to stop any of their work for doing that chat and the issue is solved so fast.
  • Even in another study, where there was a comparison among the live chat, mail & social media to communicate with the business agent, half of the people gave their vote to live chat.

Keep up to date

The more time we are passing with the new invention of technologies, new live chat software is getting discovered. So, it is not easy to get rid of this live chat because of its helpful features. The number of users of live chat has increased almost 400% between the time period 2015 to 2018. It’s huge right? It indicates that people are getting comfortable with it and according to their demand, every company should bring this to their company without making delay for a single minute.

Customer support

Furthermore, for the sake of your own clarification, you need to know that customer support is not only the field of live chat. To achieve more customer’s trust, you need to have a live chat option for your company which will help you to boost up your sales. According to a study, 41% of customers put their trust over a brand that has a live chat option. Not only that, nearly 51% of customers like to purchase their product from the company which has a live chat option for their customers.

Bring good revenue

If you want to know more about the importance of having a live chat option for your company, the most important study result is waiting for you. According to another study, it is found that, around 77% don’t want to make their purchase from a company which doesn’t have a live chat option on its website. So, if you still don’t have the live chat option, it is high time to add to your website. 

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