WP Funnels Review 2024 – Lifetime Deals – The Best WordPress Funnel Builder!

WP Funnels is the best and the very first canvas-based visual drag and drop WordPress sales funnel builder out there on the web! WP Funnels gives you a smooth user-friendly experience – as you do not really need any professional funnel-building expertise to work with it. It has tonnes of features to build the perfect sales funnel for you! In this article, I will describe the complete WP Funnels Review that will help you to take the decision to purchase the lifetime deal of AppSumo

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The Greatest Deals of All Time!

Get lifetime access to WPFunnels from APPSUMO deals with around 80% discounts on its original prices for all plans. A 60-day money-back guarantee is also ensured no matter what reason. 

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Why Should You Use WP Funnels?

Does not matter what business you opt-in to, if you want your sales to increase with ease, WP Funnels is the best solution for you. WP Funnels offers easy sales funnel building in WordPress for a vast type of business. Whether you are building a software firm or an eCommerce shop, online fitness classes, or doing digital marketing, creating funnels in any field is made easy with WP Funnels. 

Best reasons to be a fan of WPFunnels:

  1. User-friendly and simple interface
  2. Easily learnable 
  3. 24/7 helping assistance
  4. The most affordable sales funnel builder
  5. Getting started  tutorials
  6. Direct feature requests
  7. Drag and drop visual canvas
  8. Easily customizable templates
  9. Suitable for any niche business
  10. A little more of everything with less expertise in funnel building

Source: AppSumo

What makes WP Funnels the Best WordPress Sales Funnel Builder? – Its State-of-the-art Features!

LaunchFlows outperforms other sales funnel builders in WordPress like ClickFunnels, WooFunnels, or CartFlows because of its best-integrated features. Know them below! 

Drag and Drop Canvas

The canvas-based visual drag and drop feature is one of the best services of WP Funnels. Using this feature, you can easily plan and map your sales funnel design, without any external plugins. In just a few minutes you can organize and navigate with full control on every funnel step.  

Order Bump Offers

Design your business checkout pages with attractive order bump offers to earn more attention and increase sales. Customize and place your offers anywhere according to your choice. 

Upsell & Downsell Offers

Add exciting upsell, down-sell offers after checkout for your buyers to trigger them for making more purchases. Improve your sales revenue and get an instant boost in your Return On Investment (ROI) by using one-time or exclusive offers as well. 

Premade Templates 

WP Funnels provides you with hundreds of cool previously made templates for various kinds of business. You can choose a template and import it immediately with a click. You can start creating your sales funnels while optimizing the templates using this super customizable funnel builder!

Conditional Steps Control

WP Funnels provides you complete control to overlook your customer’s or buyer’s actions. You can set conditional steps using the drag and drop visual canvas and control your customer to what they should be doing on each landing page, sales page, offer, or checkout page. Monitor what offers your buyers will get according to different conditions using the Conditional Steps Control feature on WP Funnels. 

Detailed Analytics

With WP Funnels you can never miss any important updates from your visitors or buyers. It offers you detailed analytics of your funnels with real-time insights. You can make important decisions by analyzing the detailed reports of your business and increasing sales.  

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce users are the best benefit for using WP Funnels because of its easy integration. You can easily plug into WooCommerce to sell your WooCommerce products and increase your sales revenues. 

Upcoming in WooCommerce Integration: Condition-based offers, tags, categories for your WooCommerce store.

Global Checkout Funnel

Use one single checkout funnel that works for all categories of offers for your WooCommerce store. Make it easy for your customers to deal with conditional/order bump offers, cart totals, tags, up/down sales, etc., at the same place.

Lead Generation (Opt-in) Funnel

WP Funnels is coherent with form builders for lead generation funnels. Get your sales campaign all powered up with world lead generation funnels and build optimized pipelines for promoting webinars or connecting links or conversion. 

Elementor & Gutenberg Page Builder Integration

Get the major page builder’s support as page builders like Elementor and Gutenberg are already integrated with WP Funnels. This integrated feature makes your work super easy and compatible with WordPress. Along with independent widgets and blocks of Elementor or Gutenberg, WP Funnels lets you have the privilege of fully controlled designs of your funnels. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

Send your buyer’s data (such as; specific tags or list-based actions that are assigned with your sales funnel) to the integrated CRM tools and avail more marketing campaigns in order to increase sales. 

More Exciting Features

  • Stripe and PayPal integration
  • Google tag manager custom events
  • Facebook pixel custom events 

APPSUMO provides you with all these features with lifetime access!

How Does It Work?

  • On the homepage of W PFunnels, you would see “Create New Funnels”, “Settings” and different options as well. 
  • On General Settings you can set your funnel types as WooCommerce, page builder as Elementor.
  • Other settings like Permalink, offer settings, Facebook pixel, etc are also there on the Settings page. Choose accordingly.
  • You can even directly request a feature to WP Funnels that works best for you. 
  • You can start from scratch or choose from existing templates as well. 
  • After the template is imported, made, or chosen, start creating your sales funnels with easy drag & drop visual canvas and all other best features of WP Funnels. 

Plans & Packages of LunchFlows:

AppSumo Lifetime Deal @ $79

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10 doller off for new user appsumo

Wrap Up!

WPFunnels is the simplest plugin that effectively helps you create your business sales funnels within WordPress. The official pricing seems very expensive?! Go for the APPSUMO deals instead to get WPFunnels today and increase your sales revenue! 

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